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  1. Claricedb

    MINNESOTA 1970 bailer plug

    I am looking for a plug, metal, fine thread for a 1970 sunfish, anyone know where I can get one?
  2. Claricedb

    Need metal bailer plug for a 1970 Sunfish, fine thread

    I am in need of a plug for a 1970 sunfish, fine thread. Does anyone know where I can get one? It is metal.
  3. Claricedb

    New bridle

    Again, I am brand new at this, so have a lot of questions. My boat has a worn bridle with a little loop to attach to, I ordered a new one and it looks like it doesn't have that loop, do I make one or is it really supposed to ride from side to side?
  4. Claricedb

    New sail for my Sunfish

    I am brand new to sailing. Have a 70's something Sunfish. Took it out twice, caught a bit of wind, dumped it twice and had to be pulled back in twice...but still determined. My old sail is as old as the boat and quite worn/taped up, it is nylon. I ordered a new sail online thinking I would get a...