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  1. Luke Fricke

    Best sail tape?

    that's what I would do
  2. Luke Fricke

    Best sail tape?

    I like using this it's light and holds well. Bainbridge - Spinnaker Sail Repair Tape
  3. Luke Fricke

    J24 project boat parts wanted

    I think I saw a Facebook post for some used sails I think 200 for each they are old tho. There's a Facebook group; its called "J/24 Texas"
  4. Luke Fricke

    Deck cover

    I have a mast cover if interested.
  5. Luke Fricke

    Pair of Barient 18 wenches

    They are in good condition 250$ USD for both maintained yearly comes with bases.
  6. Luke Fricke

    Two questions from a newbie to J/24 sailing ...

    You should be good I rarely use mine I mainly sail out so I only use it to pull back into the slip if its blowing weird you will have no issues unless it's blowing like 30kts then you may be underpowered
  7. Luke Fricke

    Two questions from a newbie to J/24 sailing ...

    i have a 3.5 that i lock and forward and use the rudder to steer ou should be ok.
  8. Luke Fricke

    Small boat drifting to leeward

    Cats are known to slide the board helps look at other boats like yours and see what they are doing different. They also cant point very high so keep that in mind you also may be trimmed in too tight. Best of luck to you!