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    Compass bezel

    I have a Ritchie XP-99W compass. The dial is surrounded by a bezel that can be rotated. The bezel is marked in five degree increments with numbers every 30 degrees. This feature is called CourseMinder. Can anyone tell me how this feature can be helpful in sailing? Ritchie can’t.
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    Anyone have an idea how the foot of the crane was attached? I note there was some green tape on the wheel well or the vertical piece. Is it attached to the van?
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    Heeling/Need help

    Einstein reportedly said, “If you can’t explain it to your Grandmother, you don’t understand it.” Author’s Grandmother must be smarter than me.
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    I’ve now had three episodes. The first two were light wind days, max 5 mph. Today was about 20 mph, lots of higher gusts. First two days I was out about 1.5 hrs, today about three. Water yield, by time to drain was about equal each day. If I had to estimate, a half gallon. Capsized...
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    Hole, not whole.
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    I’ve recently bought a lightly used 90’s Laser 153335. In my first three outings I’ve drained enough water to be of concern. The only damage I can see is to the gudgeon attachments, but it seems well repaired. The bailer is missing, so I’m using only the plug with the tiny whole, so I...