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  1. SevenShadow

    150 Looking for a Jib

    Hi, I am looking for a jib in reasonable condition in the $150 range. If there is a racer out there who would like to get rid of some of their more lightly used race jibs, please contact me. Thanks, Charlie
  2. SevenShadow

    Age of 470?

    Hi, I have an old 470 which I am putting back together. Does anyone have an idea what year it would be? It is a Vanguard #2838. Thanks.
  3. SevenShadow

    470 Main Halyard Lock Necessary for Recreational Sailing?

    Hi, I have on old 470 that I am putting back together. Originally it looks like it had a main halyard lock. My question is whether there is the need to try to resurrect this lock for recreational sailing (the boat is way past its racing days) or can I just rivet a cleat to the bottom of the...
  4. SevenShadow

    Replacing Inspection Port

    Hi, I have an old laser 1985? laser. It has an inspection port cut in it by the daggerboard case. The top to this was lost so I need to replace it (I couldn't find a top that would fit the existing ring that is screwed into the hull). So I was thinking that I could just take out the old...
  5. SevenShadow

    Used Mast and Boom wanted

    I am looking for a full rig mast and boom. I would also take a radial, but I would need a sail with it. I am locate in New York. I am also looking for a tiller. Doesn't have to be in great condition, but needs to be functional.
  6. SevenShadow

    Wanted: Laser Rig

    I have a laser hull and sails, but nothing else. I am looking to buy a used mast, boom, daggerboard, rudder/tiller, lines etc. I am located in New York City, and I could drive to pick up the rig. The rig has to be in working order but not race quality.
  7. SevenShadow

    Laser Parts

    I have a laser hull and sails. However, I am missing the blades and spars. I am looking to buy a set of blades and spars used. I am located in the mid-coast Maine area. Thanks,