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  1. Weston

    Free parts

    It looks like Alan Glos had the carriage bolt. Did you see the photo in part #4 above?
  2. Weston

    Catfish SER NO CF954

    If Alan doesn't have one, maybe ask about 3D printing one.
  3. Weston

    Super Sunfish rig

    I bought a '76 Super Sunfish this summer to complement my '71 and '77 'regular' fishes. I would be happy to take photos and measurements of the rigging. Rather than attach random photos to this thread, I'm thinking it would make more sense to put them all in a document and put it in the...
  4. Weston

    How do I determine price to sell Sunfish?

    Michigan does not require non-motored boats under 14' to be registered.
  5. Weston

    Looking fo fishies to sail with!

    If I were to join you at your marina, how/where would I launch?
  6. Weston

    1982 AMF Sunfish PHOENIX Deck and Side Reconstruction

    Thanks for the blow-by-blow photos. You and Skipper do amazing work!
  7. Weston

    Looking fo fishies to sail with!

    I'm game! I've sailed in Lake St. Clair in 'Ruby' my upgraded '70 Sunfish several times. Didn't make it out in '20 but went out several time late in 2018 and again in 2019. I typically have launched out of Brandenburg park (See google maps link). I've also trailered over to Canada once and...
  8. Weston

    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    No worries. Another will come along. I appreciate you looking out for me with your posting. I wouldn’t have seen it without your efforts.
  9. Weston

    Classic Ads

    It looks like one of the flowers from the string of flowers draping the upper boom is caught in the halyard.
  10. Weston

    Classic Ads

    What’s not to like? :)
  11. Weston

    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    I poste replied to the ad as soon as I saw your post. Unfortunately another buyer got in ahead of me. I’ll keep looking. ;)
  12. Weston

    New Sunfish Rudder

    Thanks for posting your observations on the performance of the new rudder. I just finished mounting mine and am waiting for warmer weather to test it out. Did you adjust your tiller straps to allow the rudder to come up fully when beaching? I did so, since the rudder has to rotate further than...
  13. Weston

    1970 Sunfish Repair - Needing help to bringing order to the chaos!

    You have a Folboat? Awesome! Would love to see a photo or two. Those are great examples of engineering.
  14. Weston

    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    Oops. I just noticed that you were simply re-posting the craigslist posting. I should’ve read it more carefully. I’ve reached out to the seller on craigslist. Thanks for being alert to this.
  15. Weston

    Minifish Sailboat with custom cart - $350 (Traverse City, Michigan)

    I’m in SE Michigan and very interested. What is the best way to contact you? weston
  16. Weston

    MICHIGAN Looking for a Minifish in MI

    I'd like to add a Minifish to round out my Sunfish, Super Sunfish fleet. :). If you would like to sell your minfish, let me know.
  17. Weston

    Sunfish t-shirt at J Crew

    Wow. Already sold out.
  18. Weston

    Screw holes that go all the way through the fiberglass

    Gravity. Injecting up into the hole into the inside of the boat. Gravity will slowly pull the thickened epoxy through to the outer surface of the boat, where you can spread by hand if needed to get full coverage. Since you can't reach into the inside of the boat to spread the epoxy, gravity will...
  19. Weston

    Plastic Washers for the rudder Alternate source???

    Let's support our members!
  20. Weston

    Sunfish Top Cover - Mast Up or Mast Down

    It looks like the Private Message didn't go through. How would you like me to contact you to make arrangements to purchase the cover?