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    Tight tolerances

    controlled by the ILCA Technical Officer. Therefore each Laser sailor can be sure when he participates at a regatta that the other sailors have no technical advantage over him because everybody has the quasi identical equipment. However, this system is costly. The tight tolerances lead to...
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    Bending spars

    You go to a championship and the measurer is very meticulate about the spars being straight. After the first race with 20 knots+ you see the whole boat park jumping up and down on their top sections to straighten them. Never mind the bent lower sections in the radial fleet which cannot be...
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    Hairline Cracks

    195 boat. Used a maybe 6 months. Plenty of hairline cracks around CB case. Normal?
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    2011 championships

    Very late with announcements and NOR´s on the ILCA web page. Maybe they have problems with getting the charter boats...?
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    Bumps in hull

    Fairly new boat. 194 xxx. Observed significant bumps in the hull underneath mast step. Is this normal. Surely is must affect performance and a smooth hull must be faster?