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    Kiwi treatment for Sunfish?

    We all are seeing what Emirates Team New Zealand did to the AC cup catamarans, showing up for the event with blades that enabled foiling, that sent everyone else back to the drawing board. That certainly got everyone thinking 'why not my boat, too'. Scuttlebutt has this video and article...
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    Sailing World nod

    The Sailing World 50th anniversary issue, just out, has the cover headline "The Eight Most Enduring One-Designs". Guess who is included (obviously), and while we're at it, guess who isn't (none of the other classes make the list).
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    Sunfish hull, out of the blue

    Sometimes you never know. I bought a kinda beat-up minifish hull yesterday just because I'm always on the look-out for them, and after she saw it my sailing niece thought she'd like to make a project of it, which is nice. That hull would be some work, and it will next season before it's fully...
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    Cape Cod weekday Sunfishing?

    Hoping someone here can help. An acquaintance on Cape Cod - he sails and races a bigger boat on the weekends, and also happens to have an old Sunfish - was wondering if there was any organized weeknight (open) Sunfish racing on the Cape during the summer?