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    XD wind indicator bow fitted

    so as the bow wind indicators were a tremendous flop and nobody bought one so i bought one slightly cheep from my boss but there's a catch there was no outer packaging and therefore no instructions and now i have no clue as to where to put it the ilca and ulca websites shine no light on the...
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    takeaway lines

    I have often thought of attaching 3mm shock cord to the end of my control lines and tying that off on the eye straps on the back of the cockpit or even drilling the grab rails I don’t see it causing any problems as you can’t reach the lines to adjust them anyway because they’re always on the...
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    new/slightly used hull

    my deck has been delaminating at an alarming rate for the last 2 years now and its now got to the point where i have 2 options scrap it or repair it and sell it i dont like repaired decks on a laser so because you can always see the repair myself and my boss have tried many times with coustomers...
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen A Sunfish In The United Kingdom?

    just been googlin about after seeing the tab at the top that says the sunfish forum ive probibily sailed-seen most boats but never a sunfish have they never sold them here or are they just crap so nobody buys them.
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    best way to rig outhaull to goosneck XD

    I have the piece of vectran but i found that you could put two D shackles together through the goosneck and onto the micro block to hold up the outhall the reason for this was to try to tidy up the rig as much as possable i hate having bits of crappy vectran everywhere. is this legal? are there...
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    tiller ideas for going under traveler

    has aneyone ever tried to cut a flat spot into a gorilla tiller before and then carbon fibre it over because i dont want to spend £160 on a new tiller and i want a flat spot to go under the traveler other ideas welcome.
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    how do i remove sail numbers

    im assuming with a hairdryer like taking lettering off the side of a van but i wanted a proper opinion rather than a guess.
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    Sailing in oil--America's problem

    well its americas problem it minght be bp but its owned partley by america and the rig was built by americans if the americans had built it a bit better it minght not have burst
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    daggerboard and rudder referb

    when i baught my laser just before winter ithe daggerboard and rudder wernt in the best of condition so i secieded to sand all of the current gloss paint off and put car boddy filler in it then i painted it with ordenary delux house paint (gloss) and made a mess of it so i was thinking of...