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    3000 Wanted 470; within 200 miles from Boston

    Have cash for a 470 / 200 miles from Boston. Thank you Peter
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    Securing the Main and Jib Halyard

    I just bought an older 470 and am unable to find a rigging guide. I am looking for just the basics. I am not a sailor but would like to know how to secure the main and jib halyard from the pulley at the base of the mast. seems like there a lot of stress on these lines and would like to be able...
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    Getting knocked down question.

    I have been sailing a Force 5 for a few months and that is the limit of my sailing experience. I want to get a Capri 14.2 so my wife can go along in some comfort. I had a couple of questions about the boat. If you get knocked over by the wind how easy is it to right the boat and does the boat...
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    Sleeved Sail question

    I have bought and used a Sunfish twice and now I like sailing and want a Laser someday soon. My main question is that with a Sunfish you can drop the mast when landing when it's windy and you can raise the mast when it is windy after you take off. With a sleeved mast I can't quite picture how it...
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    Newbie question capsizing and mast bending.

    I am quite new to sailing but would like to get a Laser. The main question I have is what happens say if you are speeding right along and you capsize. Can the mast dig into the water and bend back causing damage to the hull and the mast. I have been watching Lasers on You Tube capsizing at high...
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    Any pointers for when the boat tips over.

    I was wondering about when the boat tips over as far as losing the mast and having it come out of its mount and sinking. If that is a possibility. I took my boat out for the first time with no sailing lessons in 10 - 15 mph winds and had a great time. By shear luck I made out and back without...
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    Scorpion Mast "similiar to sunfish" question

    I bought a Scorpion sailboat which is similiar to a Sunfish and I don't have a forum to post in other than here. I was wondering if I could post also. The boat I bought came with the mast bent or angled back. Supposedly that is the way they are made. The trouble is the head clearance when the...