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    Laser Mast Repair - connector sleeve

    The connector sleeve on the upper section of my laser mast cracked, so I've drilled out the rivets and removed it. The existing hole is larger than 3/16th, which is the rivet size I expected to use. It seems like 7/32. Can anyone confirm if this is standard? I'm not the original owner, so it's...
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    1989 Laser: $1600 w/ trailer

    1989 laser with newer Trialex trailer, deck cover, and tiller w/ extension. Sail is in good shape, as is the rudder and the centerboard. Stiff hull and solid mast step. Soft spot on deck next to cockpit, but it has not gotten worse over the last three years. Great boat for club racing and...
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    1990 Laser

    1990 laser for sail including newer kitty hawk trailer. Pretty good shape, but deck as a soft spot on port side (not getting worse though in two years). Does not have rigging upgrade. Two sails, both good for club racing and pleasure sailing. New tiller and decent blades. $1500 including trailer.