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    Sail Only Option at Intensity Sails

    We now have a sail only option at Intensity Sails. If you already have your own Battens, Clew Strap, tell tales, sail tube and numbers. You can now order the sail alone and save. We have plenty in stock shipping now. They are listed as an option under each sail. Pricing is as follows...
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    Laser® Sailing Calendar

    I have wanted to make a laser calendar for some time. I just found the site where you can upload images and for a very reasonable price they print a calendar. I do not have 12 great Laser images. If any one has a great image(s) they are OK with other people using here is the site...
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    Hiking Straps for Sunfish®

    I just wanted to get the word out that our new Hiking straps for the Sunfish® have arrived. We have the rolled edges, firm padding and our gription rubber on the underside for great grip on your boots or feet. They are $12.99 and can be seen here...
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    Original Wood Laser Tiller Wanted

    I am looking for an original wooden Laser tiller. It does not have to be in great shape. Please email me if you have one you would be interested in selling.
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    $149 Sunfish Race Style Sails

    We now have the Race cut sail made for the Sunfish with the window in stock. Great for frostbite and club events at only $149.99 here; I hope this will get more folks out on the water in that older hull and feel competitive with a small investment.
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    1980s Laser with Dolly and Covers $799

    1980's recreational Laser on dolly with spars, wood rudder (needs to be varnished), Wood Tiller, daggerboard, New hiking strap, Hull and Deck covers. Sail is Class legal and in excellent condition used in 5 regattas. Deck has some soft spots but the mast step has been reinforced and the bottom...
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    Older Hull with Soft deck and some parts $449.00

    I have an older hull with a soft deck that would make a great kids boat or recreational beach boat. The Mast step was recently reinforced. The bottom is in excellent condition with no scratches. The boat has a new hiking strap, bailer, turning block and traveler with sheet blocks. I may be...
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    Dolly Cushion Cap from Seimar

    Has anyone seen the new Cushion Cap for the Seitech Sunfish® Dolly?
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    Leukemia Cup RI 8/18/2007

    This year the Leukemia Cup on 8/18 will have a conflict with the Sunfish Worlds in NJ August 18-24th. We are wondering how many Sunfish we might expect to be coming to Bristol this year. It may make sense to take a year off for the Sunfish. Those who would be interested in sailing please...
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    Wanted Older Laser Hulls in need of repair

    If you have an older boat you are willing to sell reasonably I am interested in rebuilding it.
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    Sunfish Top and boattom Covers

    I have a number of Polyester Deck and Hull covers for Sunfish. Brand new unopened packages. Coffee color. Will ship anywhere. $99.99 each either style plus shipping.
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    1990 Laser Hull # 140523 with covers and Dolly $1900

    1990 hull still competitive with all updated rigging and recent foils. Includes a Brand new boom still in the plastic, recent practice sail, deck and hull covers, Seitech Dolly, new Foil bag. $1900.00
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    Brand New Deck and Hull Covers $99.99 each

    Brand new UV stable Japanese Polyesther fabric used for roller furling sails protective luff. UV stable and coated. Three Fastex buckled straps on both the Deck and Hull Cover. Bungie corded hem for a tight fit.
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    WANTED Full Sunfish Rudder w Tiller

    If yo uhave a spare full rudder set up and would like to sell it please let me know.
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    2002 Sunfish with Dolly and Covers in RI

    2002 Race ready Sunfish includes less than one season racing sail on new spars, compass, dolly, ratchet block, main sheet hangers and top and bottom covers. ready to race. $2600.00 Email for pictures
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    Brand new Boom and Lower Spar still in plastic bags!

    I have a brand new, untouched by human hands, Laser boom and full rig lower spar that I will sell for $200.00 each. They are located in Warwick RI. I could try to ship them if interested, all freight to be paid by the buyer.
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    Practice Sail for sale new with extras. $199

    Brand New Full Rig Practice Sail including; Battens, Sail Numbers and Nylon roll up storage tube. $199.00. Email me or go to;
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    1983 Canadian Laser Refurbished with all new parts For Sale in R.I.

    Sail number 110195 Hull has been refurbished by Braitsch Performance and Guck Inc. Comes with all new in the bag and boxes and unused; Control lines, daggerboard, rudder, tiller and extension. Sail is one season old. Seitech Padded Hiking Strap. Top and Bottom Covers. Currently at Vanguard...
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    Laser Sail Cloth

    I have looked in the class rules and no where have I found what cloth the Laser sail can be made out of listed. Does any one know the description of the sail cloth used as official Laser Sail cloth?
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    1983 Hull or New Hull???

    I bought a 1983 boat a year ago and have not felt held back by it until this past weekend. I noticed there are no other older hulls in front of me in the standings. Only behind me..... So it gets me thinking about spending alot of money for a new/er hull. My question is, has anyone seen...