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    New Vang system... Which one??? HELP!!!

    I agree with the above, I used to have 2 boats, one had a Harken the other had the Holt one. When I sold one, I kept the Harken Vang for my self, have had no problems.
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    Seeking advice from owners of older Lasers

    Hi, I think I can take a stab at your questions for you, I have owned a 71, 76, 84, and a 94 Laser. Small spider cracks are not a worry too much, if the area is still solid and everything, this is not necessary bad. For the mast step, the inspection port is most likely a good thing. With...
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    Compass, Sail, Rudder Head

    Hi, Looking for an array of things, some for my boat, other for clubs/ones fixing up. I am looking for a Compass for post 2001 rigging, a metal rudder head (any functional condition), and an elvstrom sail. Also, any old sails would be good too. Please let me know what you have, PM me, or...
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    Hi, I have searched for a while, and didn't find a conclusive thread. I am currently using my diving boots, and they are starting to get pretty trashed from sailing. I dont want to replace them with diving boots, since I have a drysuit now, and will only use the boots when I am diving wet down...
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    storage racks

    We just have carpeting in between the hulls and the wood. The design works pretty good, can get a boat off w. two people. Then if you have two vertical racks like we do, make sure the two are staggered from each other.
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    storage racks

    Here is a picture of the racks we have as an idea, I am out of town so cant get dimentions for you.
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    Rash Guard vs. Dry Shirt

    Rash Guards are meant to protect from the sun, and when snorkeling/diving marine life scrapes. So these are just to protect skin pretty much, where as drysuits are used to keep you warm, either when the waters cold, or when you will be exposed to the water for long periods of time, or both...
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    When do you...?

    I would say you could put in inspection port in(put it over where a mast step replacement kit would go..just in case you have to use one some time) reinforce the mast step really good, and then you can also dry out the hull more with the inspections port.
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    Spray Tops

    I bought a henri lloyd one a few years ago from APS when they were heavily discounted on the sale rack. I have loved it so far, and its held up good. I would suggest getting a lined one if you can.
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    Laser deck cleaning

    Hi, I have used the pressure washer, soft scrub, and non skid cleaner techniques. I would say either non skid cleaner or soft scrub is better than the pressure washer. There is a lot of area to hit with the pressure washer, and its good for small areas only, depending on how bad the deck it...
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    School clew attachment project, Please take my Survey.

    Good school project!, reminds me on when I did a persuasive paper in school on why we should approve the new rigging changes that were made in 2001.
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    1995 Hull and Parts

    If you are selling a rudder head, I would be interested. Tyler cullinan dot 22 at osu dot edu
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    Harken clew sleeve anyone

    I agree with everyone, Just get a regular clew strap, and forget the sleeve, I wish I hadn't bought one.
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    Hi, I am looking for a basic rudder head/tiller. I have an extra blade, so I only need the head. And the tiller doesn't need to be anything fancy. Please PM me with offers, Tyler
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    Serial Number Info?

    Originally Lasers had the number put under the bow eye, before they were stamped on the transom. I would say its a 71, based on the number, as production boats started around 100.
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    Which one, Harken vang or Holt vang?

    I had both at one point in my upgrading of hulls, I like harken better. Plus, Harkenized is a pretty sweet word, that I like being able to use to describe my boat.
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    Coming Back to a Laser

    Yeah, you can still just back the trailer in, you jsut need to lift the bow off usually to get the boat off the rail supports. I have a tongue wheel thing on my hobie 16 trailer, and love it, but the laser and trailer are so light i don't see the need, I just use a 5 gallon bucket under the...
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    what to wear in winter????

    Well for guys p-valves have been around for a while, but for girls there has been a similar product that has recently hit the market, mainly for divers, but would still work in a sailing drysuit.
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    what to wear in winter????

    If you have a properly fitted drysuit it will not restrict movement, it will be just like your wearing a fleece jacket, and how that would restrict movement. But it would increase drag when swimming in the water, making you feel like you had less ability to be flexible? maybe?
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    Hull aeration hole ?

    Yes, I believe all Lasers have the small hole under the hiking strap. My recent convenience sampling of all lasers in my yard showed that of that population, all had the aeration hole. Boats surveyed included a 71, 82, 84, and a 95 hull