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    Screw holes that go all the way through the fiberglass

    I'm restoring a 1970 something sunfish and I have screw holes in my boat that are shot all the way through. I have filled all of the other holes with epoxy and I'm not sure what to do with these. I think that putting a sheet of fiberglass over the top is a bit excessive but im not sure what my...
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    Sunfish drainplug and/or port?

    I´m trying to restore my 1970s sunfish and I´m worried of past water damage, as I have no idea what it´s been through in the past. I´m contemplating adding a view port so that I can look inside and check it out, but I´m afraid of messing up or damaging the deck. I also want to add a drain plug...
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    Painting My 1970´s Sunfish

    I am an experienced laser sailor, but I have recently got a sunfish from the mid-1970s and have yet to sail it. I ran into some important screws being rotted and rusted and so I am trying to restore it before i take it out. I want to paint both the deck and hull but I´m getting lost on what I...