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    Compass, Sail, Rudder Head

    Hi, Looking for an array of things, some for my boat, other for clubs/ones fixing up. I am looking for a Compass for post 2001 rigging, a metal rudder head (any functional condition), and an elvstrom sail. Also, any old sails would be good too. Please let me know what you have, PM me, or...
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    Hi, I have searched for a while, and didn't find a conclusive thread. I am currently using my diving boots, and they are starting to get pretty trashed from sailing. I dont want to replace them with diving boots, since I have a drysuit now, and will only use the boots when I am diving wet down...
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    Hi, I am looking for a basic rudder head/tiller. I have an extra blade, so I only need the head. And the tiller doesn't need to be anything fancy. Please PM me with offers, Tyler
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    Two Hulls in Cleveland for free

    All: I have two hulls that are in need of a new home, they are located on the west side of Cleveland, OH. The first hull, number 833, besides needing mast step work, is in overall good condition. There is some hardware on the boat. The second hull, made in 78, is suffering from some...
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    Hi, I am in the middle of redoing my clubs lasers, and am looking for rudders, tillers, and or dagger boards. Any condition would be good, as long as they are fiberglass boards. Please email at tyler dot c at sbcglobal dot net thanks! Tyler
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    Hi, I am looking for a dolly in the Cleveland area, would be willing to travel, am in the Columbus area, along w. Sandusky, and areas inbetween from time to time. Thanks, Tyler
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    Securing Bow on a Kittyhawk Trailer

    Does anyone have any cool ways of securing the bow of their laser onto a kittyhawk trailer, besides the old wrap painter around the bow and bow holder device?, i am looking for something to be kept maybe on the trailer, to save time loading and unloading. Thanks in advance, Tyler
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    anyone else haveing problems accesing APS's website?
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    Mount Gay Rum Hat

    Does anyone know where you can get Mount Gay Rum hats, preferably online, i know that you can get them on eBay, looking for a cheaper place, if possible. Thanks, Tyler
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    Blade Paint

    So I repainted my blades last year, and the paint comes off easier than it should. Is there a specific type of paint to use, or is there a step in prep that can avoid this? Thanks in advance, Tyler
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    Harken Clew Hook

    The last few times that I have gone sailing on my laser after a couple of tack my clew hook has fallen out. One time when this happened I lost the hook. Then I ordered another one from APS. After installing it the hook still falls off the clew of the sail. My Dad has the same set-up with the...