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    CALIFORNIA Powerhead sail wanted

    Anyone have a lightly used Powerhead (Intensity) sail they want to part with?
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    Laser Foil Details sought

    Nice clip, Pierre! While I do long for warm water like yours, at least out here where it's in the high 50's year 'round, my wet suit protects me from all the scrapes and bruises I seem to get when I've sailed in warm waters. It's been 25 years since I made that rudder, but I just went out...
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    Laser Foil Details sought

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    Laser Foil Details sought

    Hi, Pierre, Yes that Hobie rudder requires some shaping and shaving at the top to end up with the proper fit into the Laser rudder head. I used a belt sander to thin it, and for that waterline entry just below the aluminum I used a rasp and file to "sharpen" it a bit. (that part still kicks...
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    Spar caddy

    I have the version of these that holds three pieces. It's held up well over 20 years. Pair of 4Spar Supports for the Laser®
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    ARC1 rig

    OK, see there? I was merely being curious, and now I have some answers. Happy Holiday, everyone!
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    ARC1 rig

    I get it that the main focus of this forum is for Class Lasers and the racing thereof. That said, I am still smitten with my Laser after 35 years sailing it, and love it for the basic design and performance. Since I don't race, I have found it to be a perfect "Sport Boat" for my needs and...
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Where in the UK, or anywhere else, has a trailer been called a Road Base? This is new to me....
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    ARC1 rig

    Looking for any discussion/experience/opinions on this rig....
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    Bottoms Up.

    My 1981 Irish Laser has withstood 38 years of beach launching - dragged over rocks and oyster shell - at Tomales Bay, CA. When my friend Doug saw it lying on her side he said "bring it thing over and we'll put some lipstick on that pig." So, here it is: Two thin coats of epoxy/graphite...
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    New Vang block

    Just when I thought I was all done with the vang.... Is anyone using this? Introducing a new Laser/ILCA specific Vang block the A2031XHL-873 from the original Laser hardware supplier and UK manufacturer, Allen. The A2031XHL-873 is an adaptation of the renowned XHL range which also features a...
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    Laser Camper

    Mountain Mariner - did you ever complete this project (maybe I missed it) Would love to see photos and experiences.....
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    Epic day with our lasers

    Good on you, Emilio! Being a Bay Area Laser sailor myself, I concur that track is truly epic for a Laser!
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    Vang upgrade

    My boat has sailed for over 38 years with the old straight vang key. And it's one of the few parts that have NOT broken all this time.
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    Vang upgrade

    Here's an odd thing: The Allen vang set comes with a spare curved vang key, and this YouTube installation video shows at the end that you should install it alongside the other (already in place) vang key. Why the heck would anyone need two of these...
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    Vang upgrade

    Thanks, Bill. Mine is the Allen model, so a bit different than the Harken, but I just spent some time watching another guy do his Allen on YouTube and I think mine is now done right!
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    Vang upgrade

    Got the new kit, looking for a diagram on how it all knits together correctly? Thanks!
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    When the wind is light this is pretty easy. I tie the tiller down straight. Crawl up and stand or sit in front of the mast. Lean the boat and you will quickly see which way it turns. You can go miles like that. And then the wind usually pipes up and you're glad you took the mainsheet with you.
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    Main sheet block upgrade?

    My 2cents: The Fredrickson block and Rooster 7mm mainsheet (I usually have lots of wind) are two of the best things I've done for my Laser. Faultless.
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    Rode Hard and put away wet

    Hey Cactus - there are no "bad starts" in my Laser world - I don't race! Appreciate your comments and queries.. I have used a combination of GoPros and a hand-held little waterproof canon SureShot. Now I have lost so many GoPros all my recent videos are the hand held, in spite of how it can...