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    brass inserts on splash rail

    I just started working on an older (pre 72) fish. The splash rail is held by brass screws, 2 of which will not come out. I tried holding the insert and the screw will not budge. Any ideas? Can the insets be replaced? thanks for any help.
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    size and place of aft inspection port

    I just bought an older fish, that weighs about 170. I have cut out a 4 inch inspection port just behind the splash rail. Can I get away with a 4 inch port on the stern of the boat? I am also thinking of changing it to the newer style rudder? Any thoughts...
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    wetsanding the deck?

    I have an older sunfish, which I bought not long ago and I am now sailing it thanks in part to the great people here that gave some very useful info. I was looking closely at the deck of my boat and in the finish it looks like someone used a finish sander on it. If I look at the deck from an...
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    age of my boat

    I read the faq, and I'm still not sure. I can't find any numbers anywhere. It has the extra storage the newer rudder system (aluminium) a metal rub rail. it also has the angled stripes at the bow and stern. I looked in cockpit where the cockpit meets the underside of the deck and it is a very...
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    Halyard cleat

    I have a used boat, and thanks to the great info I have been given here I'm almost ready to sail. I believe I'm down to my last problem, one of the holes for the halyard cleat is stripped. Only one screw was holding it. Can I fill the stripped holed with fiberglass and drill it and use a new...
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    looking inside the hull

    Does anyone know where I could find a pic of the internal layout of a sunfish? Thanks. Gene
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    sail rigging question

    I had an old sunfish, and the sail was tied to the spars. I want to do the same to a newer (but used) one that I just bought, however I can not find any info or pic to go from. Anyone have any ideas thanks. Gene