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    Could be the world's fastest laser

    Ludachris aka watts, you forgot the other funny part: "And so to watt2434 Thankyou for your help, have fun sailing and please don’t take your sailing speed so serious." ;) Hell, my Laser's gone over 60 mph, on my car of course. :)
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    The Future of the Forum....A must read

    Don't like that at all OK, so my opinion is a little late, but if I have to join, I won't be coming to the board. Maybe I'll change my mind, but I don't know. I don't race, so at this moment, joining doesn't seem worth it. I really like forums for the information I get from people who share...
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    Nice board!

    I have been sailing since I was a kid, so about 30 years. I'm not very good at this Laser yet. Yeah, it's like riding a bike, doesn't take great thought to get the boat around, but I'm sort of clunking around on it. You should have seen the jibe I tried Sunday. I am sailing in Alamitos...
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    Suggestion for one more link

    that was fast! Very speedy! :) Glad to know you are on top of it.
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    Suggestion for one more link

    Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find a link to, just to the forum list. A link back to the site would be a good idea.
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    Nice board!

    What timing! I have had a Laser for a while now, but in Colorado it's hard to find decent water. I'm in Long Beach now, and trying to get back on the sailing bandwagon. Today, I decided to search around for some good web sites and found this one. And yesterday you started a very nice looking...