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    Easy to capsize?

    The first thing that occurs to any nonsailing person, when looking at sailboat underway, is that it is potentially risky. I have friends who will never join me for a sailboat ride because of the fear that the boat will capsize and toss them into the drink. As sailors, we understand the risks...
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    New 2007 Capri 14.2 For Sale

    Brand New Capri 14.2 For Sale Hull #5373 never in water, stored inside. Factory MINT condition. Includes: New boat, new custom trailer, new sails (main & jib), roller furling system, factory motor mount, plus more....Everything New & Factory Fresh. Here is your chance to own a new 14.2...
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    Brand New 14.2 for sale "LOOK"

    Changes in plans has caused me to sell a BRAND NEW - NEVER IN THE WATER 2007 Catalina 14.2 C/B. Comes with Main and Jib, Trailer, Roller Furling, Motor Mount, EVERYTHING BRAND NEW still at dealer in indoor storage for winter. Hull # 7353 Have invoice when purchased in October 2007 over...
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    14.2 easy to capsize?

    Your opinion please, I have not yet sailed my new 14.2. So, in preparation, I have read owner reviews of the boat to learn about its sailing characteristics. Almost every site I viewed mentioned that the Capri 14.2 is very tender and prone to capsize at winds greater than 10 knots. The...
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    New Boat Questions

    Hello to all from Colorado, I am a new owner of a Catalina 14.2, and a new member of your association. In about a month I will take out my 14.2 for the first time. Although I am an experienced sailor, what would be your advice for a first time user of a Catalina 14.2? Thanks