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    For Sale complete boat in Seattle $750

    Hi- yes I’ll be around and you can take a look. I am working days that weekend so evenings are best.
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    For Sale  750 complete boat in Seattle $750

    An early one that’s been around but ready to go. Elvstrom rig, older sails incl spinnaker. On a trailer and dolly but I want to keep the trailer- can be used to move the boat. Has some brown staining to hull and a small repair. Has spinnaker pole and gear for trapeeze.
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    For Sale: Set of 470 sails in really good condition

    I'm interested in the main and jib- you can reply to stuartlochner(at) or here on forum... Thanks!
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    WTB: Looking for 470 Practice sails: main and jib

    Bruce - sounds great. I tried to email- no luck. Went to SPAM? Can you chk your junk folder?
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    WTB: Looking for 470 Practice sails: main and jib

    I am looking for an inexpensive main and jib for my old '80s 470. I have a couple of decent spinnakers but the others are beat.
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    Early 1980 and 1970s Vintage 470 Boat Parts and Sails

    I'm looking for sails (serviceable jib first) spin pole and really any spin gear. Are you still selling. Thanks!