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  1. Bungo Pete

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year
  2. Bungo Pete

    Looking for a Radial Lower Mast Section

    I am looking for a radial lower mast section. I do not care about looks or general condition. I just want it to have the proper wall thickness. if it is in New England, I can possibly come pick it up. Otherwise, I believe that it can be shipped and will investigate this.
  3. Bungo Pete

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous new year.
  4. Bungo Pete

    Unusual Rudder Repair

    Hello Everyone: I thought I'd post some pictures of a rudder repair I did over the winter. A friend of mine hit a rock while coming into the beach, and lost a piece of material where the downhaul line is attached. Rather than trash it, I thought I'd try to fix it using a little home-made...
  5. Bungo Pete

    Looking For Optimists

    Hello: I hope I'm not voilating any rules, but I cannot seem to find an Optimist site with the same coverage and level of activity as TLF. The reason for this post is that our local community sailing organization is looking to expand its Optimist Fleet. They are looking to buy or have donated...
  6. Bungo Pete

    Nuts, Bolts, Rivets & Boom Repairs

    I have seen a few threads started regarding the above mentioned subject, and I thought I'd add a few pictures to help those who might be new to this type of repair. Last summer, when I started sailing my 1979 Laser, I was so anxoius to get it in the water, I really didn't care what kind of...
  7. Bungo Pete

    Through-Bolting Boom Block Straps - Hardware?

    Hello Everyone: I am going to replace my boom blocks and through-bolt the straps. My question is what to use for fasteners; specifically nuts. I am aware of the vise-grip trick, as well as using LANOCOTE. However, do I use just two plain nuts with some loc-tite, one nut with a lockwasher (split...
  8. Bungo Pete

    Dorsal Performance Outhaul - Have one?

    Hello Everyone: I am looking for anyone who has a Dorsal Performance Outhaul. The reason is that I have both the clew strap and the Harken clew hook and I am seeking to obtain pictures of the attachment point between the two components. What I want to do is join the hook and strap in the same...
  9. Bungo Pete

    Looking For Used Grab Rail(s)

    I am currently bringing a 1979 Laser back to life (Project Lazarus) due to some repairs and parts requirements, my budget has become limited. One of the black plastic grab rails was broken when I bought the boat. The color doesn't matter, I just have other things which need my attention and...
  10. Bungo Pete

    Just Bought a 1979 Laser - Help!!

    Hello Everyone: Our small club just purchased a 1979 Laser. We did this because it came with one new sail and one that had only been used a couple of times. The sticks and blades are in pristine condition as well. Lastly, the price was about the cost of a new class legal sail. Unfortunately...
  11. Bungo Pete

    Performance Outhaul By Dorsal

    Has anyone had any experience with this product?
  12. Bungo Pete

    Hello and a couple of questions

    Hello Everyone: This is my first post and am happy to be aboard. What brought me here is the fact that a friend of mine has a couple of 80's vintage lasers and I am helping him get them back up to snuff. It is our hope to at least sail them this summer and perhaps do some pick up racing...