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    New battens for full rig radial sail

    I have a few extra sets of the new tapered battens for the new class approved full rig Laser radial cut sail. $50 per set includes ground shipping in the US
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    New Rolled North Laser sail - Full Rig

    Brand new, never used Shipped rolled (no fold wrinkles) no numbers installed or included
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    Humm - Melges 14

    Somebody's been busy... Short clip of it sailing at 11:24 in this video
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    The head Mum says "Don't Say Nuthin and keep yer big trap shut"

    From the July 2012 NA Ex-Com meeting minutes: b. Class communication: reminder from Lauralee that ExCom members should consider keeping comments on any of the forums...
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    Maclaren Us Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Just starting to digest this.’s-bankruptcy-flies-under-radar/?mod=google_news_blog
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    Please update your profile to at least include your country

    Please update your profile and at least include your country for your location. It would really help us give good answers to anyone that asks questions about products, what to use, where to get it etc. It's quick and easy to do - upper right corner, click on your forum name . And then drill...
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    Laser Seitech dolly - CT, USA $325

    Good condition, nothing broken or missing, no leaks in wheels. I'll post some pics within a day.
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    The Saga continues....

    4/1/2011 Laser Class implodes! The world’s largest Olympic sailing class has committed suicide with a rare form of self-cannibalism. It started with the two builders, who could not agree on whether to triple the price for the existing sail or continue releasing new “but not improved”...
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    Hyde only

    It appears the first part of this is true, only new sails are what remain in dealer stock
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    Progress on new sail design ? Laser Tech committee

    It seems like it's been 6 months or so since we last brought up the subject of improving the full rig sail - Any progress reports ? What's currently being tested/developed and what is the timetable to get to the point where we, the class members, would have a longer lasting sail in our hands ?
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    Northern Hemi Winter coming - Fight Back! Go Frostbiting

    Now is not the time to put the hull and spars away, find a frostbite fleet near you and get out sailing. The powerboats and jets skis are gone and the sailing is just getting good. Nothing nearby ? Grab a couple buddies and start something.. If you are anywhere near Westport, CT, come join us...
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    New Sunfish Sail - Green/White

    New sail, never used Green/white
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    Gill Dry Suit - Large

    Gill dry suit, used two seasons always stored with seal protector and in airtight bag when not being used Gray/Red - rear zip model
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    Bottom Cover - Storm

    Brand New Laser Bottom Cover - Storm ( )
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    Top Cover - Sunbrella

    Brand New Laser Top Cover - Sunbrella - $120 includes shipping in cont. US
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    ACME Fatso tiller ext

    ACME Fatso 48" tiller ext. (this is not the skinny Jr) in excl condition.
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    How to customize your hiking pads

    Since Laser sailors come in all shapes and sizes, and the various hiking pants manufacturers all have their own idea of the "perfect" hiking pad length, you may find yourself with a paid of pads that are too long for your thigh and either dig into the back of your knee or butt. I've modified...
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    Very slick double trailer loading.

    Our Finn pals can get pretty crafty when it comes to moving their boats (a fully rigged Finn is just over 300 lbs), so when I saw this double trailer rig, where you can singlehandedly load/unload the upper boat, I thought it might be worthwhile for people here to take a look.
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    The class IS listening

    Read Tracy's report in the Dec 08 Laserworld here : Quite a number of issues/ areas we have discussed here are being addressed or on the radar screen
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    Cedar Point Laser Frostbite news - Fall Regatta Nov 15

    Westport, CT If your in the area, come join us on Nov 15th, for the annual CPYC Laser Fall Frostbite Regatta - the NOR will be posted shortly, but first race is 11:30am, no race after 3:00pm - Short course racing, plenty of fun, prizes and food. Separate start for Radials...