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    Where Can I Get Plans for a Homemade Laser Dolly

    These should help: Let me google that for you Charlotte Pipe 1-1/2 in. x 3/4 in. PVC Sch. 40 Reducer Bushing-PVC021081600HD - The Home Depot
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    Competitive Laser Sailing

    As mentioned above, Cedar Point in Westport, Frostbite Yacht Club in Essex and Newport Fleet 413 are good places to start asap. Cedar Point and FBYC start up again in March, Newport is sailing right now. In terms of competition, at Cedar Point you will be sailing against the 2012 Olympic US...
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    Competitive Laser Sailing

    Where are you located ? How far can you travel to attend a regatta ?
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    New battens for full rig radial sail

    Let me check what the Post Office wants to ship them - Is this to Cailfornia ?
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    New battens for full rig radial sail

    I have a few extra sets of the new tapered battens for the new class approved full rig Laser radial cut sail. $50 per set includes ground shipping in the US
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    Sent you a PM
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    Advice on Sanding/Grinding out the Mast Step

    The old bottom section with sandpaper has worked for me - I have also used a baseball bat when working indoors with a low ceiling
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    Water Bottle Attachment

    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water | There are probably more threads here, search on "water bottle"
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    dolly with bow support vs 'nose' support

    Hi Duncan The bow support (semi circular that the bow/deck edge sits on) is better IMHO as it allows locking in the bow with a short piece of line (or the tail end of your mainsheet in a pinch) . This is helpful when the surface is bumpy or when it's windy and the sail it up and attached to...
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    New Rolled North Laser sail - Full Rig

    a couple of photos Will ship folded for $10, rolled for $25 (if sent rolled it includes a reusable pvc section of pipe to re-roll after use) Sail includes a long bag but no battens, I may be able to get a set for a good price if needed.
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    New Rolled North Laser sail - Full Rig

    Sure, but let me get you a price for shipping it rolled, the cost may surprise you (in a good way).
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    New Rolled North Laser sail - Full Rig

    Brand new, never used Shipped rolled (no fold wrinkles) no numbers installed or included
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    Bent Top and Radial Sections - Why are they illegal?

    There can be an advantage in lighter airs. Both the standard and radial sails have a lot of their shape induced by the amount of luff curve in the sail. To have the mast bend and "fit" the luff curve properly, we have to use mainsheet and/or vang tension, both of which are also tightening the...
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    Class Legal?

    Autobailer is not a class requirement. The grab rails are (the boat has always has them)
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    Laser bunk dolly

    Given the age of the hull, and the prev owner's storage methods, it's not surprising the the hull/deck joint is failing. I doubt the storage of the hull on the dolly hangers caused it to separate, I'm guessing it was already cracked/failed and became easier to see once it was hanging. Your...
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    Repair Mast Tube Base; Invitation 3.8

    It sounds like the bottom of the mast tube has been ground away by the mast rotating. It was a common occurrence with Lasers and only fixed once the builders put a stainless plate in the bottom of the mast tube. Check this thread for how-to...
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    Mast step tube broken at the top end

    "This is why you see a lessening level of adhesive wear on the tube going downward" Can you explain that a little more. Also would be interested in your explanation of the direction(s) of the forces of the mast against the deck. I don't disagree that in any glass repair, extending beyond...
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    Repair Hull?

    It certainly would make a nice hiking bench now, and use the ends as art pieces around the house. (having a bow or transom mounted on one's wall is always a conversation starter) Before spending too much time spewing ideas to fix, give us an idea on what your friend is looking for with the...
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    Different Laser Vangs

    The original vang, with increased purchase is functional. If interested in going that direction, some examples are here: . If money is tight, this is the direction I would head first. If you have the money either...
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    Laser Radial toestrap repair

    Toe strap and mainsheet block are fastened with the same screws. You can replace with larger dia screws or add an inspection port and use bolts/nuts