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  1. Prime Time

    For Sale:  New Jib

    Jib with wire in the luff so it can be used with roller furling. $150 plus shipping
  2. Prime Time

    For Sale:  Roller Furling

    Roller Furling System with Jib Only $100.00 Switched to racing sails and no longer need my roller furling For Sale Harken 434 Small Boat Furling System Includes Drum, Swivel Kit and Furling Line All small boat furling systems require a jib with a luff wire properly seized to...
  3. Prime Time

    Need Sails

    I am in the market for a new set of sails for my 14.2. There are some sales on now but what are the chances that prices will come down further as we get into winter? Also I am interested in to opinions of other racers as to what sail makers have the best products. I will be converting from a...