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    Varnishing Observations

    Using the lower cost Urethane spar varnish recommended previously I have been coating a dagger board and 2 tillers. The dagger board was missing most of its varnish and the wood was grey. One tiller was mostly covered with varnish the other not so much. The dagger board is on its 4th coat and...
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    New style hull, The curved part at the point of the bow, how is that repaired?

    On the new style hulls with the curved edge seam. The very front part I have noticed a portion of the curved area is broken off. Not past the bond, but missing no the less. Almost looks like a belt sander was taken to the front. So how would that area be repaired. Seems like a real night mare...
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    What is behind the screws for the rear loops?

    I decided to mess with these eyelets that are on the back of the sunfish. The one screw head broke off. I got two others out fine. These are not wood screws but some sort of self tapping machine screw. This is a 1998 era Person built hull. I am making an assumption it is just going into thick...
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    Moving on to other projects...

    I was looking at that 'practice' hull that I was going to try and fix up for he yacht club. We had a bunch of rain and I had the hull deck side up and some how a bunch of water got inside. So I was going to open the side drain and that would not open. The hull has so many issues and it would...
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    Are there any Optimist forums where people discuss up keep?

    I have done some searches but I have not had any luck with a forum where I could ask questions. I got a good deal on a well used Opti. I need to redo some of the lines. I have some questions about the transom repair at the rudder bracket. Any links to an Opti forum? Thanks!
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    Plastic Washers for the rudder Alternate source???

    Just curious if anyone know of an alternative source for the plastic washers used in the rudder that is cheaper? Thanks!
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    Tiller bracket wear difference

    Just an interesting comparison. I having apart my sons Sunfish rudder to make bushings for the 2 volt holes that are elongated. The hull was made in the year before the changed to the curved new style hull edge. It has the aluminum rudder bracket. The part is the tiller to rudder bracket side...
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    Finding inside things to do

    Took the combing off my learn to fiberglass hull. Made a mold of the curve using bondo. Still need to make the other side. Not sure how I will do the nose. Made a bushing for a rudder pivot hole. I have a South Bend 9” lathe that comes in handy even if I am not so good at using it.
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    Practice repair hull next steps?

    I have finished with the bottom repairs. The gel coat needs some more practice and I had issues with cold temps. I had the glass repairs too high along with some oddities because this hull was repainted poorly at one time. The paint is thick and wavy in places along with large areas of droopy...
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    I got wood, How much varnish will I need?

    I have 2 dagger boards and 3 rudders with their tillers. How much varnish might I need? 500ml or 1000ml? I am considering Epifanes though it is pricey. A guy who has used cheaper tried it once and will no longer use the cheap stuff. What are your thoughts on the subje
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    My First Backing Patches

    This is my 'practice' hull. It had the major hit on the keel and the scrap to glass on the chine. On the topside the cleat was push down and the combing is broken loose. This is my first ever fiberglass work. My goal was to put in a backer without putting a hole on the top just to see if I...
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    Boom straightening, the easy way.

    The 1996 Sunfish came with 2 bent booms and a bent mast. I just took the sail off the booms and looked close at the booms. After trying a few different things, I found the hitch arms on the front of my Harbor Freight trailer would work fine. The trick to straightening the booms or many things...
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    Blind Backing Question, What material to use?

    I am learning and want to do a blind back patch on the chine. So right on the corner where the hull bottom goes up the side. The hull bottom and the hull side is curved so any stiff materials will not bend without buckling. This will cause the form to push the glass up and out in the bend...
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    Some picts of the 2006 Hull

    I was out with some heat and a scraper. There was a large lump of resin up in the curved area I really wanted to get out. I also got a bunch off to make sanding a bit easier. I found out the white epoxy (my guess) that holds the top to the bottom get soft with a bit of heat. It was real easy to...
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    Sunfish side storage cart.

    Using stuff I had laying around I built the cart in the pictures. I can store the boat either deck or keel to the center. It is like 37" wide and it slides in next to my 65 Mustang in the storage garage. That is the Harbor Freight trailer. Over the winter I plan on making a sunfish rack to carry...
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    So I seem to have a problem.....

    I have too many Sunfish's I bought another sunfish today. Noticed one next to a house a few weeks ago on a bike ride. Today I just happened by on my bike as they were pulling in the driveway and asked. $400 for a 1989 with a dolly and more surprisingly a title. The sail has a couple of tears at...
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    Double Sunfish trailer with Opti

    I have a Harbor Freight folding trailer for general purpose use. I need to make it handle 2 sunfish and one opti. One sunfish is the newer style that is over 48" wide that I am not sure would fit between uprights if I had the boats flat. I was going to stack them and put the opti on top as it...
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    Storage/ work cart thought

    I have found the hull has a center of gravity causing it to want to land bottom down when vertical. My goal is to build a storage cart for my garage with minimal width for 2 hulls. My thought is to have a rectangular base about 34" wide and 4' long. Put some wheels on the bottom and a 2x4...
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    Curved edge hull, removing the epoxy at the joint??

    In the areas where the hull/deck joint have separated on the 2004 with the curved edge joint. I will need to get some or most of the glue out to get a good fit. The existing glue is broken some and moved so that he joint does not come together as tight as I would like it to be. I am thinking of...