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    Sunfish or Zuma?

    I am trying to decide what boat I want to get after I sell my Catalina 14.2. There is a thread Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5 that "I" started and I got some very good information comparing those (3) boats. I was doing some looking and I came across the Zuma. The main looks to be rigged very much...
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    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    I am trying to decide between a Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5. I currently have a Catalina 14.2 that I love to sail but the family is not interested in sailing. The Catalina is to much for me to sail by myself. I am trying to sell the Catalina and when I sell it I want to get a smaller boat. I like...
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    Is this a Sunfish?

    I saw an add for a 14' AMF Alcort sailboat. The owner does not know what the boat is. It looks like a Sunfish but the fish on the sail is not correct. Does anyone know what this boat is. Thanks Roger L
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    Thinking about buying a Laser

    I currently own a Catalina 14.2 and enjoy sailing it very much. However, my wife and son do not enjoy sailing as much as I do. I just start having fun and thay are ready to come in. I feel that the Catalina is a little to big for me to sail single handed. Therfore, I am looking to buy a smaller...