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    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    Look, i get you’re just trying to get a straight answer on here and not having any luck. I bought my laser used as a project boat b/c i wanted to learn everything i can about it and put it back together. I paid $800 bucks and it was in pretty good shape and didn’t want to spend $6000 bucks on a...
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    Any videos of the 2016 Rio Olympic races?

    i had the same question 4 years ago. You are free to check out my post about it and LaLi actually made a couple of comments back then!
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    New builders

    They need to announce a new builder for their USA website, because the new sucks!
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    Four (!) Laser Seitech dollies

    So $250 + 79.66 = $329.66 is what I owe you. Agreed?
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    Four (!) Laser Seitech dollies

    Hi ParkCitySail, I’ll take it. Can you private message me please and we’ll work out the details. Kind regards.
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    Four (!) Laser Seitech dollies

    Let me go to FedEx tomorrow and i’ll ask them how much shipping would be to Atlanta and i’ll let you know (also tomorrow).
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    Four (!) Laser Seitech dollies

    Do you have any left? But i don’t want that purple thing.
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    Laser Full Rig Sale - Big price drop!

    You don’t have an extra dolly lying around you want to get rid of do you?
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    New to all things Sunfish/Sailing

    Dude, take some time out and a little cash and stop being so cheap. Take some personal responsibility while you’re at it and get some lessons or take a beginner sailing course! $200 bucks isn’t much compared to you wrecking your boat and getting hurt or hurting someone else.
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    Sails, Rigging, Tillers, Blades, Dolly

    How about the dolly? I’ll take it! PM me
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    Laser dolly in Portsmouth NH -- SOLD

    I’ll take it! Pm me please.
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    Rudder and Daggerboard help

    Hi all, I have a wooden rudder and centerboard for my project boat laser. I bought them used so don’t know what kind of wood it is but the paint is coming off and i plan to sand it this week. It’s wood and obviously going in the water so i want to seal it but i don’t know what kind of sealant...
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    Laser parts for sale: mast sections, sails, covers, dolly, boom, vang, etc.- everything!

    I'll take the Seitech dolly. How close to Atlanta could you get?
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    Laser (full rig) vs Radial

    Hi guys, Just wondering what makes a Laser Radial different than a Standard. I know the sail size is smaller but is that the only difference? I mean, if i had a standard would i just have to switch out the sails and whammo!? I guess i could look it up but i'm too lazy i guess. Thx!
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    Look You and i are on the same boat, as are most fans here on the laser forum, i would say. Read my other posts on my my opinion of no commentary and the reasons why. I love it. And yeah, today's laser was race 8, i think? Someone said they are not broadcasting all of the races but i think...
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    Well, the tv stations are all getting the same feed from OBS, but that just means we get the same camera angles. You could still try the masking ip trick. It'd be neat to watch bbc's coverage online. I had to do that for 2012 so i could watch the closing ceremonies when it really was live, not...
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    LaserBill, I have been watching the Olympics constantly, live streams and full replays, as much as i want so i don't know where this talk of a 30 minute subscription is coming from. Some airport wifi's have 30 minute timeouts so you just have to reload their wifi every 30 mins, which is a...
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    No way, i love having no commentary! And as far as connection issues on all of my other devices, (i.e. tablet, iphone, desktop) it sucks but i have use of an Acer ChromeBook and it's amazing! It may buffer once every 10 minutes & i can live with that.
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    I've been watching on, the coverage is fantastic! If i miss the live stream i can immediately go back and watch the full replay. And the best part is there is no commentary so i don't have to listen to that idiot meredith vierra tell me how to think! And don't get me wrong, i'm...