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    Capri 14.2 centerboard

    I don’t know which model it fits. It’s heavy. Solid. Heavier and likely thicker than the one on my Mod 1. Previous owner painted it. Won’t be cheap to pack and mail out. Thinking $180 shipped.
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    I fear if I want to sail, I'm going to have to get a different boat.

    Nice crisis hoard Cactus! Hate to hear about your situation, Winston. You've brought a lot of insight to this forum over the last few months. Would hate to see you go silent here. I feel your pain (pun intended). I have a 17-foot project sailboat that I was raising the mast on for the first...
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    Largest Safe Outboard

    I think any 2.5-3 HP outboard would be well beyond enough for this size boat. I'm a huge fan of electric propulsion, but must admit I learned the hard way that if you get caught fighting unexpected heavy winds or currents, a basic 30-35 lb thrust trolling motor may not get you back to the dock...
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    New to me Capri 14.2

    That's a lot more noticeable than what I described. On mine, you had to look at it from a certain angle and under ideal lighting before you'd even notice. But like you said, that nice galvanized trailer alone is easily worth more than the package price paid. So just keep investigating your...
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    New to me Capri 14.2

    This happened to me when I had a Vagabond 14. I noticed it about a year after owning it. Where it rested on the trailer bunks, it was slightly caved in and some long cracks in the gelcoat parallel to the bunks. I wondered if it was because I trailered it across the state a few times, down some...
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    solo launching the 14.2 with mast lowered

    Will you be steering with the trolling motor until the mast is up, then installing the rudder once rigged? FreeRide's description is exactly how I raise the mast solo at the ramp, minus the crutch (not needed on solid ground). And I must say sometimes it's a real pain to get the forestay pin...
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    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    Doh! You're right Wave, I just went outside and checked. It's sealed by plastic caps on both sides. And there's nothing in the bottom mast. I checked my other two boats, nothing in those masts. So must have been a boat I've since sold off :confused:. While I was checking, however, I did notice...
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    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    I mashed a dollar store pool noodle down the mast of my Laser just for the heck of it. I should do the same to my Capri because, hey, it's only a dollar.
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    Cheap, quick, DIY navigation lights.

    George_NJ - Nav light rules on lakes here are the same for sailboats as yours. And I must agree, boating at night is a completely different experience that I really enjoy. Even just running my sailboat's trolling motor for a couple of hours, following the shoreline without making a sound.
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    A view from inside - Cuddy removed!

    Here are my lights. They all run to a little plastic 4-gang fuse box fed by a small SLA battery (or can be wired to my trolling motor battery if it's being used). The steaming light is mounted just above the standing rigging, riveted to the mast on an aluminum L bracket. Anchor light (el-cheapo...
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    How slow can you go?

    I've had mixed results with here. Sometimes it's dead on, sometimes is crazy wrong. Not sure why. I've quit relying on it after I had to get a sympathy tow from a ski boat back to the dock due to zero wind conditions recently. Windy had forecasted 8-10 knot sustained winds with gusts...
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    A view from inside - Cuddy removed!

    Hey Winston I can't imagine needing anything more than maybe a 7 amp hour, 12V SLA "brick" battery for your LED lights ($17 Amazon)? I have a combo port/starboard low profile running light, 5-mile rated stern light, anchor and steaming lights on mine, plus a cabin light that stays on in the...
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    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    Winston - I'm no maritime engineer, but can't imagine the weight of that float having ANY affect on performance in 99% of casual sailing scenarios. The thought of going inverted while sailing solo is my worst nightmare, especially as the temps start to go down for the winter. I may try those...
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    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    McGyver version... :p
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    There's pretty much zero online info for rigging the P13. Stock setup is quite simple, though. Let me know what you need help with and I'll be happy to assist.
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    Funny boat name

    Ah, probably not, she mails the decals out.
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    Funny boat name

    Winston try Callie Graphics. She makes custom decals for model boats and also made my last real boat name decal. Great price, great service, great quality!
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    Question about 1993 mod 2 boat

    I'd say no.
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    Does anyone else hate their sails as much as I do?

    Meant Winston not Wilson, oops. Still... those sails give the Capri an exotic Italian sports car look, and wow the viewing windows on the jib!
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    Does anyone else hate their sails as much as I do?

    Wilson want me to reserve these Craigslist sails for you? I KID, I KID !!! :D:D:D Your boat (and Avatar) look remarkably sharp with the new sails, KUDOS!