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  1. wbrown62

    New sail

    My new Intensity Sails sail arrived today. Woohoo! I can't believe how much difference there is in the crispness of the sails. My old sail was about as worn 20 year old seedy hotel bedsheet. It's bound to make quite a bit of difference and I can't wait to try it out maybe as early as tomorrow...
  2. wbrown62

    How I cartop my Sunfish (with video)

    I do not own a trailer for my Sunfish due to the fact that most times I am dragging the RV with me when I am taking the Sunfish somewhere. A trailer would be nice at times, but until then, I will just continue cartopping. I did this little video in case there were others that wanted to cartop...
  3. wbrown62

    My new homemade dolly

    Just completed a dolly to transport my Sunfish. Well, almost completed. I need to find some bunk material now. I do not have a trailer so I cartop the Sunfish on my pickup. I have learned to get the boat on top and down without any assistance from my wife. At any rate, can't wait to hit the...
  4. wbrown62

    A couple of photos of my new Sunfish

    Here a few photos of my new Sunfish. I found it locally on eBay. It only set me back 275 bucks. Not too bad. It did have a small crack in the hull on the keel, but I have almost completed the repair on that. Otherwise, I am buffing it out with some cleaner wax and polish. Still have a good ways...
  5. wbrown62

    First sail on "new-to-me" Sunfish

    Had a fantastic day sailing my Sunfish on Lake Belton near Ft Hood in Texas. The wind was about perfect all day. I sailed alone, with my daughter, then my wife and later my daughter went out with her husband. Had a small SNAFU at one point and my wife took a dunk in the lake while I stayed dry...
  6. wbrown62

    New Sunfish owner

    Just bought a '77 model Sunfish. I have never sailed one before, so I have been perusing the forums to learn all I can. I also own a Hobie 16 so I do know a little about sailing. :) I have been cleaning her up and decided to remove the splash rail in order to clean off old caulk and grime. I...