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    GXD downhaul

    hi all, its been a long time since ive posted here, although i have read with interest. i've lost the Gxd downhaul, all of it, its gone completely now i cant seem to find anywhere (uk) where i can purcahase the downhaul/cunningham without the outhaul. can anyone tell me what blocks i...
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    Gbr 182618

    Laser 182618 XD New march 2005 great condition Race red hull padded toe strap Carbon tiller and extension Full XD kit Trolly + Laser over cover (also heavy duty over cover) Padded foil bag Lazy bone spar carriers 1 race sail 2 spare sails £3150.00 GBP ono Call 07903174311 West...
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    Towing Weights

    Hi all, how much would you say roughtly the laser hull, trolly, trailer and spars weigh combined. i'm curious as i have a small car and would like to know how much weight its pulling. Cheers
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    XD Kevlar Clew Webbing Strap

    i know this has been discussed before but the topics allways seem to go off track, so...whats the advantage of having a webbing clew strap over having the lenght of rope?(i have 4mm Excel Vetran V12) the first thing that springs to mind for me is having to untie the reef not that gets so...
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    Daggerboard handel

    do u guys have a (rope??) handle on ur daggerboard to help raise and lower it? i did on my last boat, now with my new one theres nothing to pul it up with really, apart from the indents at the top or the loop of rope for the bungy cord? i think i'm going to put a rope handle on, what do...
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    kevlar XD straps

    Has anyone heard about the new kevlar XD clew tie down straps? i received this from James Tinkler at Laser (UK) "If you wait a couple of weeks and then contact Laser direct then they will have the new kevlar XD straps." what would be the benifits of having a kevlar clew tiedown appose...
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    SOLD: LASER 144679

    FOR SALE: Laser 144679, "BACCARAT" LIMITED EDITION, special hull graphics make this boat look outstanding. this boat has all 3 rigs, (full, Radial, 4.7) the hull is water tight n in really good condition. it has the Rooster power pack, ( harken deck gear ) many many extras including sails...
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    hi guys and gals, i'm wondering if you can help me out, when i'm sailing my laser you naturally look forwards or at least in the direction the boat is travelling, and you have all the controles in front of you (kicker, cunningham, outhaul, mainsheet) but the one left out all on its own is sat on...
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    Laser Prices

    :'( the price of a new laser has been increased over here in the uk, the top of the range (As specified by Paul Goodison) laser is now £4150.00 i'm assuming fromn this that the price of parts has now increased as well, whats the prices like everywhere else ?
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    lots of confusion,

    i know itys not laser sailing, but its about this forum, probley one for bradley, i stumbeled across this and didn't understand why it was different, look here
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    she's off again

    not quiet laser sailing but, i thought it was of some intrest ellens solo attempt go on ellen!!!
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    Bureaucracy gone mad

    News Article - RYA exposes new regulations as unlawful Click here to send us an event report Author: Bethan Ancell Date: 13:26 4 November 2004 The RYA is taking legal action to obtain a declaration from the High Court that the introduction of the regulation 4(5)(e) of the final...
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    hello all, i have a 10-12 year old colour concept boat and would like to know if anybody has seen this type before. i could not post the pics so i made this small web site click here thanks jon, radial 144679