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  1. Nephroid

    Pics of my Sunny

    I was recently asked to post some pics of my 2014 Sunfish “Sunny”. I’ve had her for 2 seasons and she’s been nothing but pure joy for me and the family. My 7-year old loves going out and taking a turn on the tiller. We typically sail on the lake at my local park where we’ll frequently see 1-2...
  2. Nephroid

    Free Sunfish... little wet

    I was amused by this posting that I found as I was browsing CL this evening. By the look of the algae on the deck/cockpit it seems to have been submerged for quite some time. It also made me wonder if folks have successfully kept their Sunfish moored or wet slipped. That Daysailer in the...
  3. Nephroid

    My first capsize & turtle

    I wanted to share my first capsize experience on my Sunfish (actually any sailboat) yesterday afternoon. I was out on the local lake w/ my 9yr old daughter, a very windy day with winds blowing steadily at 20+ knots. We were flying up and down the lake and having a blast when a gust caught us...
  4. Nephroid

    Mast Step Chips - how to fix

    One of the many ways that my Minifish differs from my sunfish is that the interior of the mast tube appear to be unfinished and without paint or gelcoat. In inspecting mine I started to notice several chips in the resin, oftentimes exposing the roving underneath. I've never really worked with...
  5. Nephroid

    Gone "Mini-fishing": Today's Catch

    Hello there! I am now the proud owner of THIS Minifish.. ...freshly purchased off Ebay. Given the serial number, #1209 out of approximately 14,000 made, I would estimate her to be from the first 1-2 years of production – so a ’71 or ’72? Overall she seems to be in pretty good shape for a...
  6. Nephroid

    Minifish Serial Identification

    Hey Everyone, Long time lurker and first time poster here. I’m based in Central NJ and have spent a lot time sailing the club SF’s at My local yacht club. Decided it’s finally time to get my own and was actually looking at this Minifish on eBay that shows Hull #1209. Does anyone know of a...