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  1. andycatts

    Mark2 Capri 14.2 with Shorelander Trailer

    Capri 14.2 Mark 2 sailboat (1988 or so). In good shape, ready to sail with Shorelander trailer and electric trolling motor! Always stored in my garage year-round under a canvas cover. Sails and boom stored indoors, in sailbags. Boat and trailer are both titled in Indiana. Registration is...
  2. andycatts

    First sail of the Capri - video

    Hey all! I was finally able to get the Capri 14.2 out last weekend with my dad (who taught me to sail) and my kids, who have never been before. This is our first family boat, and I'm excited. It was everything I was hoping for! Got a little footage of the "action" (mostly my kids going nuts in...
  3. andycatts

    Boom vang necessary/helpful?

    As previously stated, I recently bought a Mod 1 Capri 14.2. No boom vang on it, sounds like it never had one. I've always sailed (larger) boats that had a boom vang. Do you all find it necessary? Should I invest in one? ($100+ for the hardware it appears, from Catalina Direct.) Trying to...
  4. andycatts

    Main sheet length?

    Hi all, Just purchased my first sailboat, a Capri 14.2! Sail says it's number 1932, though the hull plate(which is very worn (appears to say 1002, so I don't know.) is definitely a mod 1. I'm pretty excited. Been sailing since I was a tot, but always on my dad's boats. Anyhoo, got it home and...