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    Harken 2135 question

    I have been thinking about installing a Harken 2135 ratchet block on my recently purchased 1975 sunfish. Not having any experience with a ratchet block, other than reducing the effort required to pull the mainsail in will it hold the line to allow you to free your hands up? If not, has anyone...
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    Attaching a Ratchet w/out inspection port

    I have a 1975 sunfish I bought this summer. The hull is as dry as a bone. I want to add a ratchet for the mainsheet and was wondering if there is anyway to do this without cutting a 5" hole in the deck???? If I have to add the port where should it be placed? After setting the boat up...
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    Install inspection port(s)???

    I have a 1976 Sunfish and was wondering if I should install inspection ports, what size, how many and where? Any direction would be helpful. After sailing the boat 3 times in a week I could hear a little water in the hull. Thanks in advance :D
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    Sunfish storage

    Just bought a "new to me" sunfish (1976) in great shape. Is it ok to store it on its side? The person I bought it from stored it this way to increase space in his garage. I built a small platform out of wood with eye hooks and use a strap to hold it in place. Any feed back would be appreciated:D
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    Launching at the beach

    Does anyone have tips for launching a sunfish at the beach?:cool:
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    Mast Height

    I need to know what sailboats have a mast height of 18' or less. I want to learn to sail and the requirements of a lake near our house are 18' or less.
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    Help find a boat

    I want to start sailing and we have a lake near our house that only allows a mast height of 18' or less. I want a boat that will work on the lake and possibly in the ocean / bay when I advance. Is the sunfish mast height 18' or less and what other options are there? Thanks in advance:D