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    Laser 180079

    I'm in the area and looking for a boat
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    Vanguard vs Laser Performance, Are they built differently?

    I'm really just getting into the laser class, Most people around me are sailing with very straight boats I also plan on keeping this boat for a while, I want it to be dry and without many problems so I can get at least 3-5 competitive years out of it, I'd start off club racing but hopefully my...
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    2002 Laser Full Rig Charleston SC, #176080

    Any damage down to fiberglass, any areas where extra gelcoat was placed, also are there any soft spots
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    2011 Laser XD; Price Reduced

    Motivated enough to sell it for 1k lol! Haha good luck with the boat
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    Is anyone building Lasers these days?

    Just adding my 2 cents but I really hope the torch can become a thing, i like how kirby can have control over his "car topper" and i kinda like the torch logo better.
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    Bent Deck Plate - Why???

    It was a guy at the club who bent his, tomorrow Morning if i remember i will check the purchase and report back to you
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    Bent Deck Plate - Why???

    I myself dont sail lasers yet, but the guys at the club have this problem actually today this happened and =he snapped the ring too! it was heavy wind so i think the blocks could have been under stress but i cant say
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    Vanguard vs Laser Performance, Are they built differently?

    That cleared things up for me, and about the new boat situation you had a good point: i can pick my used one but i get what i get for a new one.
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    Torch Vs Laser

    So from my understanding a torch and a laser are identical. Can you enter laser one design events with a torch, I've read that ISAF plaqued lasers can race one design with torches but can torches race one design with lasers?
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    Vanguard vs Laser Performance, Are they built differently?

    Thank you, I dint consider all the extra costs, a cover and a dolly is absolutely necessary. Also a friend at my club reccomended a carbon tiller and extension because a metal one rubbed against his deck and caused a wear spot and carbon won't bend like metal. I saw on they had a big...
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    Vanguard vs Laser Performance, Are they built differently?

    Im going to be in the market for a laser soon. I plan on spending 4-5k on a used one but at 6k for a new one it seems feasible. Obviously the new one would be a laser performance, but I'm also looking at used vanguards. If I'm correct vanguard was bought out and now laser performance makes them...