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  1. wbrown62

    New sail

    There is a tremendous difference in the new sail, but me being an inexperienced Sunfish sailor, I really can't give any details on the Intensity sail. The quality seems very good and thus far, I am pleased. It seemed to be one of the more recommended sails for those who do not race. Thanks for...
  2. wbrown62

    Which would you rather have? 2 Sailfish, or a '60 Vette??

    Are you kidding me?!?! A 1960 'vette or 2 Sailfish?!?!? You have to ask?!?!?
  3. wbrown62

    pully on the traveler?

    I don't think there is any need for a small block. My Sunfish had one when I bought it and I haven't bothered t remove it, but most just use the little "clip" or even just a bowline tied in the end of the mainsheet is sufficient.
  4. wbrown62

    New sail

    My new Intensity Sails sail arrived today. Woohoo! I can't believe how much difference there is in the crispness of the sails. My old sail was about as worn 20 year old seedy hotel bedsheet. It's bound to make quite a bit of difference and I can't wait to try it out maybe as early as tomorrow...
  5. wbrown62

    1963 Wooden Sunfish

    Nothing like a beautiful wooden boat!
  6. wbrown62

    adjustable Halyard mounting device?

    The clove hitch works very well. I use it and it is very easy to move anywhere.
  7. wbrown62

    How I cartop my Sunfish (with video)

    It's not real easy and not for the faint of heart or muscle, but on the other hand it's not bad. I can load it in about 5 minutes although I work up a good sweat!
  8. wbrown62

    Serial Number Help

    Minifish, now you have me confused. My 77 Sunfish has an old faded decal on the cockpit front wall that reads AMF ALCORT Sunfish. Is it AMF or is it Alcort? Both, I guess. :)
  9. wbrown62

    My sunfish Saga

    Sucks someone misrepresented an item for sale. I once drove 5 hours one way to check out (and buy) a catamaran that was misrepresented. Didn't buy it. At least you got one out of the trip anyway. Worked out in the end. There is a lot of info on repairing the mast tube (which will have to be done...
  10. wbrown62

    Sunfish hull, out of the blue

    Great deal. Especially with the trailer. What are the black things I see on the front corners of the cockpit?
  11. wbrown62

    My "new" Sunfish

    Looks nice. I like the yellow.
  12. wbrown62

    How I cartop my Sunfish (with video)

    I do not own a trailer for my Sunfish due to the fact that most times I am dragging the RV with me when I am taking the Sunfish somewhere. A trailer would be nice at times, but until then, I will just continue cartopping. I did this little video in case there were others that wanted to cartop...
  13. wbrown62

    E.bay alert for Wallingford CT area

    Good eye. I looked at the photo, but did not catch that. I went through them all pretty fast, though.
  14. wbrown62

    New possible owner

    They can be roof mounted. I carry mine on top of my pickup because I often pull an RV and that is the best place. It is not an easy process getting it on top, but I can do it by myself with a step ladder. I just have to go easy and be on level ground.
  15. wbrown62

    Bought my first boat :)

    Are these what you are looking for? Came from here:
  16. wbrown62

    Bought my first boat :)

    Congrats on your new boat. I hope you have better winds than I do when you take her out for a sail. I have had mine out 3 times now and the darned wind is so finicky, I just have bobbed around like a cork except for the few little zephyrs that provided a small bit of fun. I just finished a PVC...
  17. wbrown62

    Quick Release Lever

    I just installed a quick release and I had to drill out the threads in the hole in the gooseneck. Won't be putting the old original bolt back in but no big deal.
  18. wbrown62

    My new homemade dolly

    BTW, Thanks to Tag for the inspiration regarding the dolly.