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  1. Radial 171107

    Mast retaining line

    I need some advice on a mast retaining line, as my boat isnt legal at the moment without it. Any system will do, i did search 'Mast retainer' but the thumbnails wouldnt display, so please post your pics if you have any. I dont care if the system isnt the best, as long as it works, because...
  2. Radial 171107

    Tell-tales limit

    Does anyone know what the maximum number of telltales you can put on a sail is? From i what ive seen most sail have three or four. However most radials in my area only have one. Is this just a preference thing? Thanks in advance! Toodle Pip
  3. Radial 171107

    Centreboard Humming

    Does anyone here know if there is a certain speed at which the centreboard seems to sing or is it different with every single centreboard? Whenever it hums though it means your having fun:D
  4. Radial 171107

    Laser M rig

    Hello laser sailors, Just out of curiosities sake, does anyone have or know somewhere i could find pictures of a laser 'm' rig? Until a few days ago i had never heard of it. Was it a good design? Thanks anyone who posts :)
  5. Radial 171107

    Trailer or Car Top?

    Hey Guys ( my 1st Post of many i hope), I'm just confirming a deal on a newish Laser radial and im really am stuck on weather to car top or to trail my boat. I heard a pretty bad story about a boat coming off a car roof and getting pretty badly damaged. But then i saw my local trailer prices...