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    Helly-Hansen NOOD Regatta in San Diego?????

    Are there any boats near the west coast that might be interested in participating in the 2020 Helly-Hansen NOOD Regatta in San Diego? The dates are March 20-22, 2020. Attached is the NOR. I understand from the event organizers that if we can get 6-8 boats together we can have class at this...
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    Transom gudgeon bolt length?

    Successfully finished the gudgeon bolt replacement project last weekend. I used 1/8" thick aluminum backing plates. I found that that a stainless steel plate was too stiff and would not conform to the irregular interior surface. Also used 2.5" long bolts for the lower gudgeon which are probably...
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    Transom gudgeon bolt length?

    Figured it out this past weekend. Bolts are 1/4-20 thread by 2" long. But project was a bust on two accounts. Did not realize that there are two lower transom gudgeons stacked on top of each other for the bottom assembly. The top is a single unit. Also the replacement Schaffer gudgeon that I...
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    Transom gudgeon bolt length?

    Noticed the other day that my transom gudgeons and associated bolts are showing signs of corrosion and need to be replaced. One bolt head is already cracked off. Boat is currently in dry storage near Phoenix about 2.5 hours north of my home in Tucson, Arizona. I've bought new gudgeons but would...