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  1. torrid

    ILCA Hall of Fame Welcomes Tillman

    From the Sunfish class: His decline in health became public a few weeks ago. I think the award was rushed through to avoid making it posthumous. Long overdue in any case.
  2. torrid

    Special Edition Lasers

    Being a wrap, presumably it could be undone with the gelcoat underneath relatively undamaged. I would guess that is what they did to ultimately sell them. Along with a different sail.
  3. torrid

    New laser and custom Laser Launch Dolly

    I've seen lots of creative home-built dollies over the years, and yours is one. They are often functional but not very durable. The key is a new Dyyamic dolly would cost almost as much as you paid for your boat, while yours was forty bucks. I say sail your boat, have fun, and keep up with...
  4. torrid

    70's Laser Value - Is this a fair price?

    If sails, has all the parts, and doesn't leak, I'd say yes $700 is a very good price.
  5. torrid

    How is a Trailex trailer supposed to work to securely support the boat?

    $1200 + shipping. It ships as a kit. Don't know if that includes a bow pivot. Kitty Hawk had several welded pieces, so it probably cost a little more to ship but was less complex to assemble. Sadly those are no longer available.
  6. torrid

    How is a Trailex trailer supposed to work to securely support the boat?

    I have some difficulty with that, too. I can do it if the tongue of the trailer is on the car hitch. If the tongue of the trailer is on the ground, you have to pick it up higher to clear the supports. That I can't do. And the boat may slip off the bow support, too.
  7. torrid

    Effective way to do hike bench training?

    Add some sort of auto-tacking counterweight contraption and you could practice roll tacks!
  8. torrid

    2021 worlds

    I bet they try to re-schedule all the events cancelled this year to take place at the same locations in 2021.
  9. torrid

    Mid 70s 470

    Sail this boat. Have fun with it. Looks like you are learning a lot with sweat equity/doing it yourself. Don't spend too much money on it.
  10. torrid

    Does anyone have a list, or know all of the laser stripe colors from the early 2000s?

    I had an all-white Vanguard from the late 90s that I purchased from a sailing school. I believe it was a special order to get the all-white hull. At the time they sold two colors, red and a light blue color. I believe the blue was called "glacier blue" and looked really nice. I really wanted...
  11. torrid

    National Class Contributions?

    I'm going from memory, but I think it is closer to $10. I think at one point in the past, like twenty years ago, the NA class association was unhappy and was withholding the money.
  12. torrid

    All about to kick off....

    It was pointed out over on one of the SA threads that the two attorneys who presented the case on Kirby's behalf are fresh out of law school.
  13. torrid

    New builders

    That's why everyone is so shocked by the dollar amount. Here's the jury form. It mentions the "Bruce Kirby" trademark, but nothing about the Laser trademark, contracts, or design rights.
  14. torrid

    New builders

    I believe the ruling was related to the boats being imported with Kirby's name, not the royalty contracts or the Laser trademark.
  15. torrid

    Trailering laser on dolly on trailer

    Not a fan of this. Dollies are not designed to the stresses created by highway speed.
  16. torrid

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    Some walkover capsizes. I recommend turning down the volume first.
  17. torrid

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    I assume you are capsizing while beating to windward? Definitely try to recover as AlanD describes. Again this comes with helm time, but I can tell when a capsize is coming and it usually seems to happen in slow motion. I'm climbing over the side of the boat onto the centerboard as the boat...
  18. torrid

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    It's nice to have that much wind as your everyday wind. However if that is the case, I think that makes it harder to learn the feel of the boat that ultimately helps you sail effectively in higher winds. As others have said, I'd hate to see you just give up. It's something that you are only...
  19. torrid

    Can't depower the boat or keep the boom out of the water

    Is it really windy where you sail? I'm in the middle of the radial/full weight range. When sailing a full rig, I only have the conditions you describe - unable to point, boom hitting the water, capsizing - on select days when the wind is 15+. On most days I can easily sail and control the...
  20. torrid

    Sunfish production has begun in the UK

    The buzz was LP was moving production to Portugal, possibly for Brexit reasons. Maybe under Brexit, it will be easier to export boats from UK to the US than to continental Europe? The Sunfish market is mostly in the US, while LP only seems interested in servicing the Europe portion of the...