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    Max wind for light sailor

    I weigh about 160 lbs and have been avoiding windy days because I do not want to be overpowered. I have recently started sailing my Laser again after a long break and it is great. I have been avoiding days with more than about 10 knots, but I am debating whether I am being overly cautious. I...
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    Boat ramp

    I keep my boat on a steep beach and am considering buying one of these to make launching easier. I currently use a block and tackle to pull the boat onto a dolly, but it is very difficult. Boat Roller Ramp System, Model 750 | Shore Ramps for Small to Mid-Sized Boats Do you think the rollers...
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    Attached air flow

    I have tell tales a few inches back from the luff and also on the leach. Most of the time I can get good flow on the luff or the leach, but rarely do I get good flow on the luff and leach at the same time. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?
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    Preparation time

    I keep my Laser by the water on a dolly. I have it covered, with boom all rigged. It still takes me a good 30 minutes of hard work to get the boat off of the dolly, sail on the mast, mast in the boat, sail attached to the boom, and the other miscellaneous adjustments needed before actually...
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    Auto bailer issue

    I bought and installed an auto bailer, but the cockpit keeps filling with water. No matter how I adjust the rubber plug, water comes in. Is there a trick for making this work?
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    Water in mast

    I have finally gotten out on the water and it has been a fun as I remember it to be. I have noticed that every time I pull the mast out of the sail, water comes out to the lower section of the mast. I have kept the boat pointy side up so the mast has not been in the water. Any idea where this...
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    Daggerboard drag

    I am rigging my boat and am up to setting up the daggerboard. Is the part in the attached picture supposed to be dragging on the daggerboard to help hold it in place? If so, how tightly? Does mine look too worn out? Am I doing something wrong, because it is not really doing much and if I pull...
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    Fold or roll my sail

    Do most people fold their sail when storing it,or do the roll it? If they roll it, is there a best practice? I have heard that people use a 4 foot plastic tube as a core, then fold the sail in (roughly) half at end of the top batten , then roll from the top down. I believe that I saw a...
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    Speed Puck

    I am not sure if it class legal, but I do not race, but I have a Speed puck for my Laser that I would like to mount to the mast. Has anyone done this. Can you send a picture of how you did it to keep it out of the way of everything going on at the mast?
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    Odd marks on my mast

    I am cleaning up my boat to get it ready to use again after many years in storage. In cleaning the mast i cannot remove a bunch of odd marks. They must be in the aluminum or anodizing. Is it something I should be worried about. I have attached a picture.
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    Laser stored on a trailer

    I have had my Laser since it was new in 1988. I went through many years of not using it and kept it on a road trailer with the hull down, as opposed to deck down. I have read that doing this can deform the hull where the hull rests on the trailer supports. I do not see any deformation in the...
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    Motor boat wake

    Where I sail there is light wind and a lot of motor boats creating unpredictable wakes. Is there any particular technique that helps to minimize the disruption of these wakes to my boat speed?
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    Who built my 1988 Laser [Answered]

    I have a 1988 hull 131654 and am wondering who made it. How can I determine the builder? I do not see anything like the big Vanguard label in the back like in some of the online pictures.
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    North vs Hyde MK II sails

    Is there a preference between the North and Hyde MK II sails?
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    What kind of plastic tubing do people use for the control line handles? Or, do people prefer to do the rope knots that make a handle?
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    Online classes/coaching

    Are there any online resources to show me proper techniques for sailing my Laser to the best of my ability without hiring a coach? Something to show me proper roll tacks, proper position in the boat in different wind conditions, proper hiking technique, proper trim and sail shape, etc.?
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    Carbon tiller

    I have a 1988 Laser that I am recommissioning for use this summer after keeping it in storage for many years. It has a wooden tiller , that I don’t recall ever being a problem. I have bought the new Vang, cunningham, and outhaul configurations because I never liked what it had and the new...
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    Mast/sail storage

    I will be keeping my boat on a dolly by the water with a fitted cover over it. I plan on leaving the boom on the boat all rigged (or at least as much as it can be. I plan on taking the mast out and rolling the sail around it (without battens) and storing the whole thing on some hooks in my...
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    Changing from old cunningham clam cleat to now double cam cleat

    Does anyone know whether I can just unscrew the clam cleat on my deck and replace it with the double clam cleat that is currently in use? Are the holes the same size and same distance apart? Or, will I need to fill in the old holes and drill new ones?
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    Tying handle loops onto the sail adjustment lines

    I am constantly reading about tying handle loops onto the end of all of my sail adjustment lines, but nowhere does it say how to make the nice handle loops with like a crochet type knot to keep it open. I saw one video and the person did it so fast I couldn't see what he was doing. Where can I...