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    Standing Up While Sailing

    I was racing in light air this weekend. In the middle of the second race, I stood up in the cockpit to see the wind better and to ease the cramps in my legs. The person sailing nearest to me said that it is illegal to sail while standing because of kinetics, and that people have been thrown...
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    Rudder Gudgeon Breaks in Race

    50 feet from the finish of a race, three of the four gudgeon screws fell out of my 2010 Sunfish. I was unable to sail on port and unable to finish the race. Has anyone else had this happen? What is the best way to fix it? This boat has been such a lemon.
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    Mast Rake

    I have two Sunfish and the Mast Rake is not the same on each. This is due to different mast-step angle placement during manufacturing. Measuring from the top of the mast to the transom, there is a two inch difference between the two boats. Does anyone know how this affects performance?
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    New Versus Old Racing Sail.

    Is there a significant performance difference between a new racing sail versus a five-year-old racing sail?
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    Serial Number Question?

    I thought the last two digits of the serial number was the year of manufacture, but there is a boat for sale with #78033. Can anyone help me find out the model year of this boat? Thank you.
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    Adjustable Vang

    I know that many racers use adjustable vangs, but I have had trouble finding a clear explanation of how it is rigged. Can anyone here help?
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    New Sail Better?

    For a racing Sunfish sailor, how much difference does a new sail make?
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    Light Air Sail Height

    In heavy air, I understand that you want the boom close to the deck to reduce the heeling effect. In light air, why wouldn't you want the boom higher above the deck to put the sail up higher where there is more air movement?
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    Pointing and Gooseneck Position

    I was out sailing yesterday in 5-8 mph, fairly steady wind. I was also trying to figure out how the tacking angle of my Sunfish compares to the pre-set tacking angle on my Ritchie compass. Then I remembered I had heard that the gooseneck position affects pointing ability. Does anyone here...
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    Tacking Angle

    Does anyone here know the tacking angle of a Sunfish? I guess another way to ask this is: how large is the "no-sail zone" when going upwind in a Sunfish? I know it varies with wind speed, but if anyone has some real numbers or knowledge, I would be greatful.
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    Slippery Cockpit/Footwell

    I have a new Sunfish (2010 Worlds boat) and the floor of the cockpit/footwell is so slipery when wet that I have trouble doing roll tacks. I currently wear Keen sandles while sailing, which should have a fairly good grip. Is this normal and something I have to live with, or is there something...
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    Telltale Placement

    I am rigging up a new sail, and I want to place the telltales correctly. A very good sailor at a large regatta told me that the only place that matters on a Sunfish is near the top of the sail right above the fish, but I see people with them all over the place. The winner of the regatta, a...
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    Inspection Port

    I have noticed that a lot of good sailors put inspection ports in their Sunfish for inspection/compass/repair/storage. I would like to put an inspection port in my Sunfish, but I want to do it correctly since it involves cutting the boat. Can anyone here direct me? Thanks in advance.
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    APS Sails

    I was looking at the APS website and found that they make a racing sail for the Sunfish that is less than 1/3 the price of the class-legal racing sail. They explained that the sail is of the same quality and design, but that the cost is so much...
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    Weather Helm

    I was sailing today in 10-18 knots of breeze. Going upwind in the heavier stuff (15-18), I had a lot of weather helm, even when the boat was flat, and much more so on port tack. I had my goose-neck as far back as I could get it, to the point where a sail tie wouldn't let me go back any...