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    Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

    Anyone have a used carbon fiber spinnaker pole available for a reasonable price???
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    Installing Bow-End of Hiking Strap

    Still a newbie - 15 months "in" class. Determined, with your help, that any hiking strap is legal. Even one that has a beer holder. Today installed two grommets on Stern-End of of hiking strap. Any experience, suggestions on removing Bow-End of hiking strap and installing Bow-End of new...
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    Class Legal Hiking Strap

    Still new to class - 15 months in. Preparing for NAs next week in Charleston. I've read the class rules numerous times, but cannot discern whether "just any old" hiking strap will meet class rules. For the deck and hull, the rules state that we can use only approved fittings, etc. Easy...
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    New Style Daggerboard - Hand Hold

    I'm still new to the class - 14 months. North Americans next week here in Charleston. The "older" style daggerboard has a through-handhold and can be easily grabbed. The new style daggerboard does not have "thought the board" handhold. I noticed in some of the YouTube videos, e.g., Paul...
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    Required Equipment for WQ/North Americans

    I'm still new to the class, 14 months in. I could swear that I've read that a bailer and that a paddle is required onboard equipment for a WQ event such as the North Americans. Cannot find answers in the Class Rules, so maybe I read that in an SI for last year's World Masters? Are these...
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    Racing Compass - Attachment Point/Legality

    Plan on using the T061 Tacktick Microcompass as the NAs. I have a velcro mount set up for it to attach to the mast, but our rules direct that compasses be attached to the deck. Any thoughts on whether I can legally attach it to the mast? (Yes, I have a plan B - deck mount already purchased -...
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    Daily Sail Inventory - Switching Sails Day to Day

    The 2019 rules require four sails on board - mainsail, Genoa, jib and spinnaker. For a three day regatta, must I use the same four sails? For example, if there is a blow forecast for the first day of a three day regatta, I would prefer to place my 135 headsail on board instead of the 150. The...
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    J24 Easy Adjustment Turnbuckle/Handle

    OK, I wish I was not so dumb. Got my third J24 about six weeks ago. It has the original open turnbuckles. I ordered the fast adjustment turnbuckle/handle for the four shrouds and, you guessed it, those turnbuckle handles do not fit the original turnbuckles. So I ordered four fast-adjustable...
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    Changing Rudder Pivot Point

    Hello All, I'm still new in the class and read the Dec. 8 newsletter. It appears to me that the new "ruling" is that we can change the rudder pivot point to bring the leading edge closer to the hull - and therefore better pointing? And smoother flow across the rudder causing more lift? Has...
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    Digital Compass

    I'm still new to the class, having raced my first regatta this past March in Panama City. Rules question: the Rules allow for two compasses and the Rules also prohibit electronic navigation aids. Is an electronic compass, e.g., a digital compass, class legal?