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  1. Radial 171107

    I'm getting a new laser this week

    Yay!!! a new boat :) You got a really good price for your 151 boat, 5800 AUD for a boat of that age is really good money... BUT you'll lost it all one your new one, i think a new Laser standard or radial rig here costs about 9500 AUD with covers/dolly ready to sail so that costs a bit more over...
  2. Radial 171107

    What do you eat after a sail?

    I usually enjoy a beef pie and a coke after a good sail.
  3. Radial 171107

    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Thanks this seems like a good idea ;)
  4. Radial 171107

    How to buy a competitive boat

    There are plenty of great boats out there that arent new, and some people can't afford a new boat. The most important thing is the mast step, then probably making sure the hull is stiff and doesnt leak.
  5. Radial 171107

    My Laser refurb (#2)

    Nice work, the orange hull looks really nice. At least the black is....... different.
  6. Radial 171107

    Laser Downwind in 30+ knots

    Nice pics! :D It looks as if he does not have a tiller extension there, is this correct? Have fun hiking upwind...... ;)
  7. Radial 171107

    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Anyone doing sail melbourne OCR and invited classes? It's being hosted at sandringham YC.
  8. Radial 171107

    Main sheet cleats

    I got some ronstan mini cleats and they work a treat. Even though i use them rarely while racing, when I'm tired after a real blowy day i tend to use them on the way back to shore. It gives you a free hand if something needs to be done while sailing too.
  9. Radial 171107

    Mast retaining line

    Thanks for the responses all, and yeah i think the pics pretty nice too eh west coast?;) :D
  10. Radial 171107

    Mast retaining line

    I need some advice on a mast retaining line, as my boat isnt legal at the moment without it. Any system will do, i did search 'Mast retainer' but the thumbnails wouldnt display, so please post your pics if you have any. I dont care if the system isnt the best, as long as it works, because...
  11. Radial 171107

    Laser stories

    One day it was blowing about 20 knots on this lake i used to sail at. It was my first time in any sort of strong wind so it was a challenge. Anyway cutting to the chase, after about 20 minutes on the water, and sailing casually, i was reaching and decided to gybe but no!!! My boom didn't stop...
  12. Radial 171107

    Laser's point of view

    I think this shot is better, closer to what i imagined too. Thanks for posting! ;)What point of sailing were you on if you can remember?
  13. Radial 171107

    Laser's point of view

    Nice shot, i like these sort of action photos, pity i havent got a waterproof camera...... someday
  14. Radial 171107

    Regular Laser or Radial

    If you can't afford both, which is in my opinion the best option, I would buy the radial rig.
  15. Radial 171107

    What's your Laser called?

    Mine's LGM, really corny, but its a laser guided missile!
  16. Radial 171107

    Dinghy classes in the UK

    They may not suit you, but fireballs are very popular in the UK I think, and so are enterprises/Lazy E's/National E's.
  17. Radial 171107

    Queensland Metro Championships photos

    Looks like some good funwas had by all. Really great pics ;)
  18. Radial 171107

    Australian Wins the Laser Worlds !!

    Yay! Go the aussies! Slingsby has a lot of time on his hands but good on Michael Blackburn. It certainly was a topsy turvy interupted regatta.
  19. Radial 171107

    how fast does a laser go??

    Quote: how fast does a laser go?? Very fast:D When your planing you can go much faster, i dont really know but i think the speed record for a laser is about 21 knots