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    I sold my 14.2 today. =~[

    Thanks for all of your contributions!
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    Thanks, Karl. I'll try to remove the CB gasket to see if there are any cracks that allow water to enter. Cal
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    Where are the "bushings on the CB" that should be checked? Thanks, Cal
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    I'll check the drain plug again, but how do I test for leaks in the centerboard trunk?
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    Nube Question: Water Through Swing Keel Opening?

    I'd like to hear about the structure in this area of the 14.2 as well. I went out over the weekend on Lake Lanier and took on 12-15 gallons of water. A post-trip inspection revealed no cracks or holes on the hull.
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    Locating the hull number and correct rigging replacements.

    The two previous images show the scribed transom - starboard side - and the builder's plate on the inside of a "mod 2."
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    Locating the hull number and correct rigging replacements.

    Also, sometimes the serial number is hand scribed on the back of the transom. Contact me off list if you have questions, as I'm in the Atlanta area.
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    What sailboat should I buy?

    Dre, for that sort on $$ during these challenging economic times, you may be able to find a nice 14-25 ft. sailboat. I suggest you consider the use you intend - racing or cruising, and the number of crew/passengers who will typically sail with you. The Capri 14.2 is a fun boat in moderare winds...
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    I made my first ever YouTube (sailing) video today! Woo Hoo!!

    Nice 1st video. How fast was the wind blowing?
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    Why is this sub-forum so dead? Where are all the 14.2 owners??

    Went for the first sail yesterday in light wind. I'm ready for the dog days of summer to leave Georgia!
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    Straighten Catalina 14 Omega mast?

    As Stevenwp2 recommends, create a straightenung jig. I used two 2x8x8 Southern Yellow Pine planks sistered together and secured to a 2x4x6 on one edge with 2.5 inch deck screws. A scissors jack works well instead of a floor jack. Ratcheting cargo straps can be wrapped around the mast and hold...
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    Straightening a bent mast

    Most of the bend is out, so I'm please with the result. Now, I need to address the shredded jib. I obtained a jib from a Hobie 16. My plan is to cut it down and reset it into a working jib for the 14.2. As long as the leech and luff are short enough shouldn't that work?
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    Straightening a bent mast

    I made a straight back out of two 2X8X8s, then used a scissors jack with a contoured block out of pine between the jacking point and the mast.
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    Straightening a bent mast

    The boat given to me has a bent mast. Any recommendations for the method to use to straighten it?
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    For Sale SAILS!!

    Do you have any jibs?
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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 parts

    Do you still have the mast?
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    For Sale: Mast & boom

    Would you consider selling just the mast?