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  1. Cdubb

    SOS water in the hull

    So I discovered yesterday that my hull has a fair amount of water in it, big problem but even bigger with the freezing Michigan winter coming fast. The only place I would guess it came in at is though the base o-ring of the old metal bailer. I was in the middle of trying to replace the bailer...
  2. Cdubb

    Sunfish Bailer Plug w/chain

    Complete with chain, doesn't fit my boat. $15 shipped within the U.S., PayPal read PM me for purchase info
  3. Cdubb

    Hugely frustrating experience, what went wrong?

    I took my fish out for the third time ever two days ago and I had the most frustrating experience I've ever had on the water. I'll do my best to describe what was going on so a maybe a more experienced fish sailor can tell me what went wrong so I can not have this happen again. So at the lake...
  4. Cdubb

    Can not find HIN

    Hi all, Been using as many of the resources on here but I'm stumped once more. I can't find the HIN on my boat. It's not on the transom and I can find no other tag besides the one by the splash guard or obvious remnants of where one was. I need the HIN for registration purposes as it has never...
  5. Cdubb

    Thoughts on Bailer replacement

    Hi all, My on going craigslist project is moving forward, now I need to replace the bailer. I picked up a full kit plastic one today and I just wanted some input on it. I think I understand how to get the old metal one off but what I am wondering is when putting the new one on is there any...
  6. Cdubb

    Sunfish never rigged for Main Block

    Hi all, Bought a older AMF Alcort Sunfish (70s?) today and I noticed it does not have a main block not does it appear one was ever mounted. How can this be? The boat is in fair shape and complete other wise, it's only ever been sailed once in its entire existence. Can someone attempt explain...