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    looking for 2000 or newer laser

    Hi, I am an annapolis sailor looking to buy a 2000 or newer laser. Prefer radial AND full rig, or just Radial. Email if you have one for sale.
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    coaches and things

    hello all, I haven't been improving on my laser lately, and so i'm beginning to wonder if it's time to start looking for a coach or training partner. Is this something worthwhile, and if so, can anyone recommend someone in the Baltimore/Annapolis area? I am willing to start training anytime...
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    Hiking Strap

    I need to get a new hiking strap for my laser, but I don't know what kind of thing to look for... i mean, there's a lot of different ones out there, but I need advice on what to choose. Suggestions? Also, there is a large gap between my centerboard gasket and the deck attachment for the...
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    North Carolina Sailing

    Hello all, My mom lives in Beaufort, North Carolina, which is near Morehead City, and about 2 hours from Wilmington. I am planning on spending most of my summer here in NC and am wondering if there is any racing around this area, and if so, how I can sign up. Anybody have any info? I don't...
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    preparing the underside of the hull

    Laserites, I saw on the LaserCoach 2000 cd that people wash their hull with detergent, to get a slick racing finish. Does anyone do this? What kind of detergent works best? how effective is this?
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    Laser Fitness

    Hello all, I'm really out of shape. Unfortunately, my summer didnt allow for much lasering. :( So here's my question: I need a workout program to get back in shape. But I dont know of any good ones. What do most laser-ites out there do to stay in shape in the offseason?How do i find a...
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    Looking for junked laser hull

    I'm looking for an old laser hull that I can take off of somebodys hands to cut up for a hiking bench. Please email me Im in baltimore, Maryland.
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    Boats for use at NA's

    Hello, I am a 15 year old laser sailor in Baltimore Maryland. I am trying my best to get up to the NA's, but since i cant drive and I am having trouble finding a ride up with my boat, i am wondering if anyone knows of any place near Cedar Point YC where i can rent or borrow a laser for this...
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    Laser vang upgrade parts

    Hello, I wonder if anyone knows of a place where i can buy the laser upgrade piece by piece rather than the whole kit. In particular, i just need the custom vang attavhment (the piece where it attaches to the mast). Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Hull finishes

    Hey guys... sorry for all the threads ive been starting, but im completely new to lasering and competing this strongly. Heres my question: What do you all use to finish your hull? i've been debating whether or not to put anything on it at all, and whether or not to use teflon, wax, just...
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    Are there any class rules governing the substances allowed on the underside of the hull? (e.g., wax, polish,teflon,etc...) Also, where can i get a copy of the rules?
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    Vang upgrade

    Once again, laserites: here i go with my quesitons again (i swear after this one im done for a while ;) ) Ok heres the question: Im stuck with the old vang and outhaul rigging. I've been considering upgrading. As far as the vang goes, it looks as though my two options are Harken or the...
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    Air bags vs. foam

    I have another question for laser-ers. A friend mentioned to me a few months ago that I should check to see if my hull is full of foam or if it has the airbags, and if it had the foam, that i should remove it and replace it with the airbags. Since there is no inspection port, I assume that the...
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    Hull scratches

    Hello all.. I'm new to this list so i dont know if this topic has already been discussed. This past summer i bought an 85 laser (USA 98706). The bottom of the hull has quite a few hairline scratches, but these scratches seem to really be slowing me down. I wonder if anyone on this list has...