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  1. rock steady

    Laser 132523 with Trailer/Dolly - Australia

    Laser Sailing Boat in great condition Hull & Sail Number 132523 This is a great little boat on registered trailer (June 2011) with self launching dolly combo. It is in race ready condition with full turbo kit, but will easily convert to pleasure cruising. It has 2 centreboards, 2 sails, rudder...
  2. rock steady

    Minnimum Hull Weight for Laser

    What is the minnimum hull weight for a Laser hull? Are most new boats this weight or is there a bit of variance? What is acceptable? Thanks.
  3. rock steady

    Australian Tom Slingsby wins ISAF World Championships

    A 22 year old sailor from my district here in Australia has just taken out the ISAF worlds. Congratulations Tom!! :D
  4. rock steady

    For Sale: Racing Watch

    Casio Sea Pathfinder
  5. rock steady

    2008 World Laser Championships - Terrigal, Australia

    There has been lot's of speculation, it is now confirmed as really happenning. This is sure to be a truly great event.
  6. rock steady

    Preview: New Laser Rudder

    No it's not an old wooden one. I spotted a prototype of the new Laser Rudder being used at our State Masters Regatta last weeked. Fibreglass resin over a foam biscuit.
  7. rock steady

    Two Teenagers Cross the Channel for Charity

    UK. Teenagers cross channel in laser dinghies and raise £10,000 for Sailability charity Two 17-year-old sailors recently crossed the Channel in Lasers, raising more than £10,000 for the Royal Yachting Association's charity, Sailability, which helps people with disabilities to experience...
  8. rock steady

    Laser Masters World 2006

    Once again these follow on from the Open Worlds. Lets hope they get a better run of conditions. Good to see a few TLF posters up there in the action! Day 1 Report:
  9. rock steady

    Australian Wins the Laser Worlds !!

    Congrats to Michael Blackburn and Tom Slingsby. Go you good things !! :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) Breaking News - Blackburn wins 2006 Laser World’s 8:15 PM Wed 20 Sep 2006 In a day of high drama, there were four general recalls before the fleet was successfully...
  10. rock steady

    Race Committe controversy at 470 Worlds

    This is harsh.
  11. rock steady

    Laser Worlds 2006

    The Laser Std Worlds start this week in Korea (with no Robert Schiedt!) so it should be interesting to see who takes the crown. Favourites would have to be Paul Goodison GBR, Michael Blackburn AUS or Tom Slingsby AUS. Let's drop any media releases we find here...
  12. rock steady

    SPAM on TLF

    I have noticed an increase in spam lately on here. I am guessing it has something to do with Merrily leaving as a moderator? Is there anyone willing to take her place? I would be happy to volunteer as a SPAM killer, but not sure of how to go about it.
  13. rock steady

    [AUS] Why I switched...

    From: Queenslander Brendan Casey explains from Qingdao his switch from Laser to Finn class 24 months out to the Beijing Olympics. 'Victor Kovalenko and Yachting Australia make a strategic move to the Australia Sailing Team by...
  14. rock steady

    Laser's in 40kts in the 1970's!!!

    This is our folkore, pay homage to our forebears, and if any of these people are still rocking a Laser - give them respect! An all time classic Laser movie.:D
  15. rock steady

    Laser Bass Strait DVD Review

    Laser Bass Strait DVD Review Michael Blackburn’s crossing of Bass Strait is something that pricked up the ears of every Laser sailor across the world. He was inspired to try something different after years of sailing his boat at an elite level internationally. This DVD is a solid documentary...
  16. rock steady

    Australia Wins Laser North American Championships 2006

    Sorry guys, just like in 1983 an Aussie beat you on your home waters. :D More here:`ACl&format=popup
  17. rock steady

    Demographics of TLF

    I know we are a multi-cultural lot, but are there any stats on this?
  18. rock steady

    Let them know who's boss

  19. rock steady

    OK - what's this device on mast?

    A cool pic of a patriotic French sailor from the World Sailing Games. But, does anyone know what that box is doing on her mast?
  20. rock steady

    Semaine Olympique Francaise Videos 2006

    The Semaine Olympique Francaise in Hyres has done it once again with an awesome set of sailing videos, once again combined with cool music. Plenty of Laser action.