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  1. TippyTurtle

    shopping and fixing questions

    Hi! We are been sailing several times now in our Sunfish and are all loving it. The halyard that came with our boat needs to be replaced. We also don't have a painter or a daggerboard bungee. The other ropes aren't in the best of shape either, but are fine. I have seen the complete...
  2. TippyTurtle

    cradle for sunfish

    Hello! We fixed up our sunfish over the winter and are ready to transport it to the marina for the summer. But we need a cradle for it out there. Does anyone have any plans for making one? Thanks!
  3. TippyTurtle

    No such thing as a free boat...

    We were given a Sunfish! Friends knew that we lived nearish a lake and that our kids took some sailing lessons this summer, so they gave us an old Sunfish that had been lying in an old bard for years. I know NOTHING about Sunfish...or sailing or boats at all for that matter. The boat itself...