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  1. Just A Mom

    Help with rigging

    The son just brought home a new (to him) boat (thanks Flewelling for selling to us!!!). He is confused by one part of the rigging. He's a pretty experienced Laser sailer and can't figure out the purpose of the blue bungee type cord in the attached pictures. Thanks, in advance, for any and all...
  2. Just A Mom

    Re-Gelcoating entire deck

    Has anyone successfully done this? Obviously I understand what materials to use and all about ensuring the deck texture is still there. I am looking for tips or techniques anyone who has done this might have used to make things work out a little easier. Basically, I want to learn from any...
  3. Just A Mom

    Spongy cockpit floor

    Hi everyone! We just pulled my son's 1989 Laser down from its winter perch in our garage. It seems to be fine but on further inspection it seems that the cockpit floor is spongy. When you push down on the floor you can hear a "spongy" sound. The centre of the floor also "seems" to be slightly...
  4. Just A Mom

    Broken but repaired upper mast section

    Hi everyone. My son sails a Laser radial. He was at a regatta, and, long story made short, was hit by another boat, got all tangled up in the rigging (with the other boat) and his mast was taking on the force of both boats. He said he heard a creaking sound and left the regatta and came in...
  5. Just A Mom

    Hiking Pants - Yes or No?

    For those of you who have sailed hours at a time........Have any of you worn or tried hiking pants? Do they actually work to save your butt and legs from bruising?
  6. Just A Mom

    Making repairs to gunwale

    I posted that we finally found a boat. We're lucky that it was bought, new, by a member of my son's yacht club. Then two years ago one of the kids my son races with bought it. We bought it on Friday. We know the complete history of this 1988 Laser. It was sailed by the original owner about ten...
  7. Just A Mom

    And...., we've got a boat!

    I'm never going to see my son again. He's in the garage (for hours now) fawning over his new purchase. ;) We bought a 1988 in absolutely terrific condition. Came with trailer and dolly (collapsible) and both full and radial rigging. Three sails - brand new rolled radial race sail, practice...
  8. Just A Mom

    Storing Laser Upright

    Hi everyone! It's me again. We had a huge family incident come up that needed our full attention so our Laser search quest was suspended for a bit. All is well now. Crazy times sure make you realize the value of how great your boring, family life is! We are about to go purchase a Laser -...
  9. Just A Mom

    Securing boat from theft

    Okay, guys......a strange question..... We happen to be going to Michigan to see a concert tomorrow. This is a 2.5 hour car ride and a border crossing. However, I also just came upon a boat that is 20 minutes away from where we are going that we are interested in. Here's the problem....if we...
  10. Just A Mom

    Race versus practice sail

    This just came to me - how do you tell the difference? I thought that only race sails had windows and ticklers but now I see l'm incorrect. What is the gold standard for telling them apart? Also, I read that race sails are really only good for three seasons - assuming you want a "race sail...
  11. Just A Mom


    We had an appointment for 7pm tonight to buy a package of two lasers. A 85 and a race ready 93. With trailer and dolly and all rigging. Price - $3500. We were the first people to respond to the ad over two weeks ago but the seller was out of town. They held us off until today when they returned...
  12. Just A Mom

    Sail Numbers

    I just read the international laser class rules pertaining to sails and sail numbers. What I was trying to find out was not answered on that page. If you purchase a brand new race sail you also have to pay per number that would make up the sail number. So..... 1. Does it have to be a 6...
  13. Just A Mom

    Inspections Ports

    I have a question about inspection ports. See how, on this boat, there is one just in front of the mast......does this mean there has been a mast problem or the mast has been reinforced? If it has been reinforced does anyone have a picture of the inside of their boat so I can see what a...
  14. Just A Mom

    Question about Laser Manufacturers

    We have an appointment to see a boat. We are so close now to buying since we found something local that meets our standards. While reading (and reading some more!) about what to check when considering a used Laser for purchase I came across this bit: 1) Serial number and Age • CHECK THE...
  15. Just A Mom

    Reinforced Mast Step

    If you see this in an ad or it is mentioned by the seller is this a good thing? I understand what it is but would someone do this as a preventative measure or only because there was a problem? Isn't this a big thing to do - as in having to take the boat apart to do it?
  16. Just A Mom

    Laser - Ontario, Michigan, Buffalo areas

    Looking for Laser sailboat. Preferably with Radial rigging. (Will consider full rig for right price) Dolly needed as well. Would prefer 1990 and newer. Ontario, Michigan, North Western New York state and surrounding area. Basically we are in Ontario and searching near border states as well...
  17. Just A Mom

    Talk to me about storage

    The search for a Laser continues. But, in the meantime we are thinking about storage. We live in Ontario, Canada. So, suffice it to say that the winter brings two things: cold and bitter temperatures and snow, lots and lots of snow. So the boat will be stored indoors at our home. So, a few...
  18. Just A Mom

    How to know if hull is dry

    Just me again. ;) When looking at boats to do you know if a hull is dry? I don't understand the difference between water that normally comes out of the hull plug and a "not dry" hull. Thanks again for tolerating my asinine questions.
  19. Just A Mom

    How Old A Boat Is Appropriate?

    Hello! I am new here. And, as my username implies, I am just a "Mom" doing some research on a boat purchase for my son. We are specifically looking for a Laser Radial. He was supposed to get his CanSail IV this year (and he did!) but he was also invited to train with the race team (the CanSail...