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    If a higher sail generates more power, then...

    If you go to a regatta most boats have their halyards tied at 106" (from the bottom end cap). Eduardo mentions 106 and 107". Gooseneck adjustments are 1 inch, all small changes. If you are day sailing put your sail up so you are comfortable and get on the water.
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    If a higher sail generates more power, then...
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    Bridle conversion 3 to 2-loop

    Fish76 - when you switch from the 3 loop to the 2 loop only undo one screw on each loop of the bride. If you undo both the wood block may drop off and yours has wood blocks.
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    Boat Pics

    If you want to go faster. 1. Replace the shadow centerboard with a new foil board 2. Sunfish | Starboard Passage Read the section on setting up a sunfish. 3. Gooseneck adjuster 4. Race sail
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    rollers and/or bunks

    I would get a dolly then roll the dolly on to the trailer. There are setups to do that you can buy parts from RightOn Trailer that work on a Harbor Freight trailer. Also have seen homemade with using bunks with notches to hold the trailer axle when rolled on to the trailer. Signal Charlie might...
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    carpet or pad under hull on beach

    Would a Seitech/Dynamic dolly work? I use it for rigging in a parking lot, rolling it down to the water. Have launched and retrieved off rough beaches. My hull really hasn't touched ground.
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    Daggerboard question

    Stollie, Have you sighted down the leading and trailing edges of the board to see if they are straight as said before the foam board could have been in too much heat? If straight I would put strips in. I use velco and you don't need much or the board won't go up and down. I only two small...
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    This has been on marketplace for a while, overpriced and now the end of the season. Haven't seen...

    This has been on marketplace for a while, overpriced and now the end of the season. Haven't seen it but it is local for you to look at.
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    Dagger Board Trunk

    David, yes there is drag but more work that it is worth to seal the trunk. One bad tack will cost you more time and distance.
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    shopping and fixing questions

    Would loosen or tighten the bridle depending on wind conditions.
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    Sailing backwards

    Seaotter5 are you using a shock cord to hold your centerboard? You should be able to leave in any position. Also, when you are out you should practice sailing backwards and getting out of irons. When the wind and waves come up it is a harder to do. You do just have to hold the tiller over and it...
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    Water hiding in Hull!

    Send pictures of the damage
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    Drain Plug Removal &/or Repair

    Do you have a picture of the plug you are removing?
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    main block and hiking straps?

    Fremont yes , halyard clears have pulled out of the deck. Also, you are pushing the mast through the bottom.
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    another sunfish dolly. rollaboat tote copy

    I would put a lot of padding on the bottom boards and lower air pressure in tires. That is a small surface area to have bounce against the hull and trunk. Trunk and bottom are weak spots and Pearson hulls more so.
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    Odd mast set up

    That pulley and cleat don't look like standard equipment from that era. Alan is right on the raising from the middle of the deck..
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    Odd mast set up

    Can you take pictures?
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    Sail clips popping off - anyone have a solution?

    Do you have a picture of an installed clip? It takes a lot of pressure to install clips. I used pliers to make sure they are fully engaged and that it had slide down on the shaft.
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    Tiller Extension Length Recommendations Please

    When you sail a sunfish you want to sit as far forwards in the cockpit as possible. If you are going to take people out with you then you may want adjustable.Does your boat have a hiking strap? I sail with a single length about 41 inches as I race with the tiller in front of me. You want a...
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    1965 Sunfish Restoration

    That boat looks great as is. I would leak test to make sure it is dry and leave it alone and just sail it. The time and effort to try to bring it back to perfect isn't worth it. When it is inside I would open the two drains just for air movement.