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    New builders

    In the meantime you have these weird thing...... In NL a new Laser (for The Laser Class) is now cheaper compared to a 2016 one (although that one comes with a trolly but still): New: Old...
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    Laser Sailing in Belgium

    Dutch marktplaats is a good source of nearby second hand lasers: ≥ Vind laser in Watersport en Boten op Marktplaats
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    At the uk nationals heart rate straps are easily spotted:
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    Effective way to do hike bench training?

    Ha, sometimes a tack is a very welcome relieve for the legs... Although way to short...
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    Self-isolation in clean air, salt water. Tomales Bay, CA; March 21

    Lucky you. All clubs here are closed, I have no access to my laser. Nobody on the water. A shame as sailing is much safer than my daily run outside that is still allowed. Anyway, great to see the video!
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Not saying that i endorse breaking the rules but if it happens more often it is maybe time the get more dialog going on between those who apparently think that a specific rule is hampering them and the rule makers. An update might prevent the problems in the future.
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Fully agree that this is not allowed under the rules. The only thing i personally dislike is that i wear my garmin while racing on the track and cycling but not while sailing my laser.... Maybe someday... i mean we can now use an electronic compas..
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    Kicker (vang) fairlead check

    That is a lot of sailing! I got curious and I checked the stats of my garmin: i have been out sailing 34 times in 2019, total of 70 hours burning 40 800 Kcalories. Need a bit more of that to get down to 82kg...
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    European Funding

    As an addition to Menno's story. In small clubs like mine we have a number of older laser that we use for youth training. Those that have grown out of the Cadet and Optimist can step into friday evening training for a lot less than the cost of tennis lessons. This it not the high level that...
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    EurILCA recommends 'NO' on the 'Name Change' rule change

    I"m actually rather annoyed by the voting advice pushed upon me by the dutch laser class. I'm with ilca on this. If euilca has a problem they should solve this with ilca where they are represented... Not like this, very unmature.
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    Olympic status

    Weird to see the Europe vs ICLA thing popping up. No need for that as we all want the same thing (laser sailing?). To me it seems to be a communication problem first. I, as a laser sailor and member do not get any information from my national class organisation on this. All i know is what I...
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    Old v new upper Mast

    Agree, very annoying. Yesterday it took 15 min to separate the upper and lower mast of one of my clubmates after the last day of the Masters...
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    Old v new upper Mast

    I had that problem. Easily fixed with some sanding....
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    Best way to leave a Laser at a dock?

    Agree, you cannot do that everywhere but on a location like this it works fine:
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    Best way to leave a Laser at a dock?

    I just capsize it after stepping on the dock. It is the most stable position for a laser anyway....
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    How long does a race sail last?

    I have no experience with the radial but I am pleasantly surprised by the lifetime of the standard MK2 sail. I got mine halfway the 2016 season and will replace it this summer before the master worlds. Most of my sailing is on inland lakes but it is only now that i think it needs to be demoted...
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    Ideal Weight

    It was big fun to sail in a mixed fleet like this... The aggression a fighting for position, nothing negative. What i noticed is that in an all master fleet people generally spread out fairly evenly on the line after realizing it is better to have a good start than to battle for the space at...
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    Ideal Weight

    Interesting. I was one of slower masters in that field. I could keep up with the younger sailors in the last race (with my 85kg, 1.9m) but the first two days they were way, faster. BTW keeping up mean straight line speed only... ;-). And these guys are aggressive at the start, learnt to keep...
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    Masters Laser Worlds 2019 information online!

    Old enough is not the problem.... it does make me think. How often do you have such an event a one hour drive away? Thanks for sharing your experience... i'll start with blocking the week in my agenda...