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  1. Anchoveta Z11

    Wooden Rudder Repair - Cracked

    Hello! I'll share with you what I did to repair my wooden rudder using fiber glass. It had a crack line by the metal pin that rotates the rudder (photo below). 1) Removed the varnish; 2) Sanded along the crack to make the depth to fit the fiber glass; 3) Cutted the crack way to clean the...
  2. Anchoveta Z11

    Greetings from Brazil

    So happy of reading the posts here, nice forum. I've learned a lot. In 2016 I bought a 1984 fish, made in Brazil by the extinct Mariner (Porto Alegre). My sailing spot is my beach house, in Florianópolis - Santa Catarina: Google Maps I will post more photos soon. My boat is making a lot of...